Uni | Met Gala 2019

The first Monday in May is the annual MET Gala in which brings fashion, film and music altogether for one very special event. And so this morning we woke up to floods of  photos all over our Instagram feeds, showcasing the best and worst looks of 2019

This year’s theme was ‘Camp: Notes on Fashion’ and so I really expected to see the most extravagant, flamboyant and adventurous costumes to ever grace the Metropolitan Museum of the Arts. Some looks were absolutely stunning but didn’t fit the theme all that well, some absolutely killed theme and others should have just stayed at home.

I absolutely loved seeing everyone share their favourite looks and opinions, and so I thought I would do a blog post analysing a few of the looks and share my thoughts on whether it was camp or needed a revamp.

CAMP – Lady Gaga wearing Brandon Maxwell


CAMP – Kim Kardashian West wearing custom Manfred Thierry Mugler

This just made the camp mark. I think her make up was quite dramatic for her for some who normally likes a more natural look, and the emphasis on her body shape was over the top and quite extra.


REVAMP – Katy Perry wearing Moschino

What was camp about this I do not know, definitely more lamp vibes Katy.


CAMP – Bella Hadid wearing Moschino


CAMP – Harry Styles wearing Gucci

I feel like Harry was one of the only heterosexual guys to rock this theme well.


CAMP – Serena Williams wearing Versace

It was bright, it was beautiful and it was bold.


CAMP – Kylie and Kendall Jenner wearing Versace

I feel like they could have done better, but they still were fierce and fabulous.


CAMP – Charli XCX wearing Jean Paul Gaultier


REVAMP – Frank Ocean wearing Prada

I was very disappointed in Frank Ocean, but I feel like he was trying to make a point that camp doesn’t have to be all bright colours and dramatic costumes.


CAMP – Naomi Campbell wearing Valentino Haute Couture

I mean what can’t Naomi Campbell do?


CAMP – Ciara wearing Dundas


REVAMP – Mary Kate and Ashely Olsen wearing vintage Chanel


REVAMP – Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth wearing Saint Laurent

I mean there was just zero effort made here.


REVAMP – Gwyneth Paltrow wearing Chloe

Beautiful, absolutely stunning. This is one of my favourite looks actually, but its just not camp.


CAMP – Emily Ratajkowski wearing Dundas


CAMP – Dua Lipa wearing Versace


CAMP – Jeremy Scott and Sarah Paulson wearing Moschino

I mean we all knew Jeremy Scott would serve, he’s one of my favourite designers and I love how he always shows an element of his personality in his looks. As a couple they killed it.


CAMP – Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner wearing Versace

As a couple I think they were one of the best, I like Travis’ twist on the word camp and how he gave it a military meaning, however it was very similar to his MET Gala look last year.


What look do you think killed the camp theme? And What do you think the theme should be next year?

Comment below.

Love always