Uni | Met Gala 2019

The first Monday in May is the annual MET Gala in which brings fashion, film and music altogether for one very special event. And so this morning we woke up to floods of  photos all over our Instagram feeds, showcasing the best and worst looks of 2019

This year’s theme was ‘Camp: Notes on Fashion’ and so I really expected to see the most extravagant, flamboyant and adventurous costumes to ever grace the Metropolitan Museum of the Arts. Some looks were absolutely stunning but didn’t fit the theme all that well, some absolutely killed theme and others should have just stayed at home.

I absolutely loved seeing everyone share their favourite looks and opinions, and so I thought I would do a blog post analysing a few of the looks and share my thoughts on whether it was camp or needed a revamp.

CAMP – Lady Gaga wearing Brandon Maxwell


CAMP – Kim Kardashian West wearing custom Manfred Thierry Mugler

This just made the camp mark. I think her make up was quite dramatic for her for some who normally likes a more natural look, and the emphasis on her body shape was over the top and quite extra.


REVAMP – Katy Perry wearing Moschino

What was camp about this I do not know, definitely more lamp vibes Katy.


CAMP – Bella Hadid wearing Moschino


CAMP – Harry Styles wearing Gucci

I feel like Harry was one of the only heterosexual guys to rock this theme well.


CAMP – Serena Williams wearing Versace

It was bright, it was beautiful and it was bold.


CAMP – Kylie and Kendall Jenner wearing Versace

I feel like they could have done better, but they still were fierce and fabulous.


CAMP – Charli XCX wearing Jean Paul Gaultier


REVAMP – Frank Ocean wearing Prada

I was very disappointed in Frank Ocean, but I feel like he was trying to make a point that camp doesn’t have to be all bright colours and dramatic costumes.


CAMP – Naomi Campbell wearing Valentino Haute Couture

I mean what can’t Naomi Campbell do?


CAMP – Ciara wearing Dundas


REVAMP – Mary Kate and Ashely Olsen wearing vintage Chanel


REVAMP – Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth wearing Saint Laurent

I mean there was just zero effort made here.


REVAMP – Gwyneth Paltrow wearing Chloe

Beautiful, absolutely stunning. This is one of my favourite looks actually, but its just not camp.


CAMP – Emily Ratajkowski wearing Dundas


CAMP – Dua Lipa wearing Versace


CAMP – Jeremy Scott and Sarah Paulson wearing Moschino

I mean we all knew Jeremy Scott would serve, he’s one of my favourite designers and I love how he always shows an element of his personality in his looks. As a couple they killed it.


CAMP – Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner wearing Versace

As a couple I think they were one of the best, I like Travis’ twist on the word camp and how he gave it a military meaning, however it was very similar to his MET Gala look last year.


What look do you think killed the camp theme? And What do you think the theme should be next year?

Comment below.

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Uni | A Cruise Without Karl

I’ve been waiting in anticipation for the Chanel cruise 2020 show. I was intrigued to see how Virginie Viard would go about writing the next chapter in the history of Chanel, after the passing of Karl Lagerfeld in February who had been at the house for 36 years. Despite Viard working alongside Karl for 30 years, I wasn’t sure how she would go about this first collection without him and if she would go in a whole new direction or stay true to his vision.

The atmosphere however I felt was a little off, compared to previous shows. I didn’t feel the sense if togetherness and excitement, although this may be down to nerves and people being a little apprehensive of what was to come. This also could be down the grandness of the venue itself.


Information printed on plain white card to symbolise the freshness and almost blank slate that new creative director Virginie Viard has going into the next chapter of Chanel.


All aboard the Chanel express! This year’s show was held at the Grand Palais in Paris, and the theme was staged around the Beaux-Arts style train station. What I loved about the show from the beginning, before I even saw the clothes was that Lagerfeld feel. Karl was known for his incredible themes and sets, most of my all time favourite Cruise shows are Chanel, and I’m so glad they continued this. I took the train station theme as the brand starting a new journey, but it has been said to symbolise “the promise of an adventure”.


The show was a total of 79 different looks, and it honestly did not disappoint. I loved the pastel colour palette and how each look blended into the other, much like the view of the sunset on your train journey home. I also loved how some of the Chanel classics from Gabrielle ‘Coco’ Chanel made a comeback with a fresh new look.

It’s started with workwear looks that seemed to be inspired by those of station workers, from long line coats to Victorian blouses. We then saw a transition into knitwear, it was very minimalistic but chic. Then slowly but surely we started to see some colour come through with some neon pieces. After that the looks ranged from waxed coats to asymmetric dresses. I wasn’t a fan of the two toned colour block heels however the bags made up for that.

I have attached some of my favourite looks below.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I was a little disappointed with the lack of diversity in the casting of the models, but that really isn’t anything new. I’ve been waiting in anticipation for the Chanel cruise 2020 show. I was intrigued to see how Virginie Viard would go about writing the next chapter in the history of Chanel, after the passing of Karl Lagerfeld in February who had been at the house for 36 years. Despite Viard working alongside Karl for 30 years, I wasn’t sure how she would go about this first collection without him and if she would go in a whole new direction or stay true to his vision.

What did you all think of the show? Leave your comments below

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Uni | PLT Recycled – Trend

April 22nd also known as Earth Day, saw the release of PrettyLittleThing’s first recycled collection, I was really interested to find out more about this collection and what the brand meant by recycled. As I spoke about in a previous blog post, sustainability seems to be a growing trend and so I feel like it’s really important to do your research and to ask questions to find out how genuine and transparent these brands are being.

From my research I discovered that the purpose behind the collection is to rework unwanted pieces and worn out materials, in order to give them a second chance by turning them into new pieces that are staple wardrobe pieces that could get worn over and over again. The brand has also collaborated with reGAIN, a recycling app, so that customers trade in unwanted clothing for discounts off PLT purchases. This collaboration is to help prevent pile up of clothing in landfills throughout the UK and to encourage a positive impact on our planet.


The collection itself features over 150 wardrobe essentials ranging from joggers to cycling shorts and crop tops to jumpers, and varies in colours including blush, violet, nude, tan and black. I would describe the collection as quite classic/basic, which isn’t in a negative way as it means the pieces are easy to style and can easily be worn over but in different ways. I also like the colour options, as in previous recycled collections you tend to only see shades of green, brown and nude which have become very predictable and in some cases boring. It’s definitely a new fun approach, and will definitely give consumers the opportunity the get creative with their styling.

I think it’s safe to say this a genuine attempt to make a difference and isn’t just another brand jumping on the bandwagon, despite the collaboration with reGAIN being done before by other fast fashion brands such as Misguided and Boohoo. CEO Umar Kamani stated “This is another step in the right direction towards sustainable fashion. We know this isn’t the answer to everything, and our aim is to continue to learn new ways and adapt new methods in which the business as a whole can become more sustainable and responsible in terms of protecting the planet for the future”.

What are your thoughts on the collaboration? What are some of your favourite pieces? Comment below

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Fashion | FemmeLuxeFinery (Collaboration)

Hey guys,

Well my 2019 has really started off with a bang, I’ve been booked and busy just like I manifested and I couldn’t be happier about it. I am now on a rolling collaboration with 4 of my favourite brands, which is just unreal to me and something I am so grateful for. And so I thought each month I am gifted with new looks, I will do a blog posts with a mini look book and a detailed description of how they fit, what I would style them with next time and direct links for you guys to purchase them.

I thought I would kick start with my latest collaboration with Femme Luxe Finery. I was very lucky to be gifted four pieces in which I styled into two evening looks and two day time looks.

The first look was this Mustard Belted One Shoulder Jumpsuit, which I styled with my Perspex heels and accessorised with my hair slides for a glamorous look. I am 5ft 7 and ordered a size 8, and so next time I would order a size 10 just for that extra length as I’m someone who likes my heels a little more covered when wearing a jumpsuit.

The second look was the Black Belted Bodycon Midi Dress which I wore for dinner on Valentine’s Day and posted on my Instagram. I kept everything super minimal as the dress was absolutely stunning and I didn’t want to take anything away from it at all. If I was to wear this outfit again I would maybe add some accessories to glam up my look, maybe adding a silver hair clip or a pair of earrings and some black stilettos.

For the third look I wore the Rose Knitted Ribbed Long Sleeved Midi Dress paired with my nude Perspex heels and my black teddy coat. The fit of this dress is so flattering and made my figure look amazing, I would buy it in every colour. It’s also something you could pair with heels, sandals or trainers and you would still look incredible. It’s so easily styled up or styled down. If I was to wear it again, I would probably chuck on a pair of Alexander McQueen’s and a nice little side bag or mini backpack.

And lastly the Rose Front Twist Culotte Ribbed Jumpsuit I styled with another pair of Perspex heels and minimal hair and make up, just to give it a very simple and casual everyday look. The fit was bang on which is amazing, who doesn’t love a perfect fit? But for personal preference I would definitely get a size up as it was a little tight around my thighs and I would have preferred the jumpsuit a little looser. If I was to wear this again I would style it with a pair of stiletto heels and a clutch bag.

Femme Luxe Finery is an amazing clothing brand, most of their pieces are very true to my style and so I never find any difficulty picking pieces out. What I love so much about the brand is how easily their pieces can be dressed up and dressed down, and so you can easily re-wear (or recycle as I like to say) the piece and make it look completely different every time. Since being at university I have become so much more aware of sustainability and I think that’s why I’m such a big lover of this brand.

In the upcoming weeks, and as I get my YouTube channel up and running, I will be doing more videos surrounding the issue of sustainability and how we can wear the same item multiple times but in different ways.

All four outfits are up on my 21 Buttons account as well, but I have put direct links all throughout this post for you guys.

I hope you all have a great week and I look forward to the next collaboration post!

Love Always


Uni |The Seven Photographs That Changed Fashion

In yesterday’s seminar we watched the BBC documentary ‘The seven photographs that changed fashion’, which invites us on a journey with photographer Rankin in his recreation of his favourite most iconic fashion photographs. This documentary was a great insight into the impact of photography on fashion, and really motivated me to do a blog post on it.

Rankin’s first recreation was of Cecil Beaton’s ‘Hat Box’ from 1934. Cecil was a well known portrait photographer, famous for his glamorous style, wit and playfulness. He created many Vogue covers throughout his career and really paved the way for an early photography style. “I wanted to make something more than a photograph” Cecil stated in one of his interviews “I created a dream world”. In Rankin’s recreation he chose to use model Sophie Ellis-Bexter, who I felt perfectly fitted the role within this photograph. He also started off using the same camera as Beaton, but later referred to his digital camera as he desired a faster and easier way of shooting. It was really interesting to see that the difference in camera, from film to digital, not only changed Rankin’s approach to shooting but also the quality of the image itself and the emotions it evoked.


The second image was Erwin Blumenfeld’s 1950 Vogue cover, a photographer who created more Vogue covers than any other. For Rankin this was really about looking at how Erwin played around with surreal imagery and explored lighting. What really amazed me about this image was the fact that it was photographed in black and white, and was bleached and coloured by hand. And so I was really intrigued to see how Rankin would go about doing this himself. For this recreation, Heidi Klum was the model and was chosen to give the photograph a modern edge. I feel like this recreation was definitely my favourite, and was the closest in similarity to the original. In the documentary Rankin analyses the image, explaining that “you do not question where the rest of the face is” and I think this is what made the image so iconic, because it’s so true.


We then went on to photographer Richard Avedon, and his ‘Dovima with Elephants’ image from 1955. Rankin first explored his perfect composition and his use of drama and spectacle to add to his images, and then set out to recreate the image. Lillian Bassman was the chosen model for this particular photograph, she had been told previously that she looked like the original model, Dovima. For this particular photograph location was just as important as the casting of the model, and so Rankin’s went to Whipsenade zoo. The final creation, compared to the original, evoked more positive emotions and an uplifting message as a result of the elephants not being chained up and being free within the photograph.


David Bailey and his photography for Vogue 1962 followed. For this particular photograph Bailey used his lover at the time, Jean Shrimpton as his model, and so it was only right that Rankin’s used his model girlfriend. This recreation was all about bringing life and energy to image, just as Bailey did to his. Having David Bailey himself on shoot was really beneficial, and it was great to hear first hand how he created that image originally. I feel like the final outcome was as great as the original and really captured the three key elements position, pose and beauty.

Helmut Newton and his eye for sexual liberation then lead on from Bailey, and the image ‘Rue Aubriot’ was the motivation behind this fifth recreation. Highly charged sexual scenarios is what made Newton’s work so extraordinary, and so I wasn’t sure how well Rankin would be able to do this. He decided to go back to the same street that Newton took the image, and also had the original model Vibeke Knudsen fly out to assist and help guide the shoot. This was an incredible recreation and was almost identical, I feel like returning to the same street and using the exact same street lighting is what really made this successful.


The sixth recreation of Rankin’s was one Guy Bourdin’s images for Vogue in 1977. For this Rankin had to really capture the provocative and erotic imagery of Bourdin’s work, as well as his storytelling style. Guy Bourdin had an eye for making commercial images feel like art, he was a creator, an image maker and a perfectionist and I feel like Rankin’s didn’t recreate that element at all. I also feel like the model casting for this recreation could have been better, and maybe this added to the image not being as successful as the others.

And then there was Herb Ritts’ ‘Fred with tyres’ photograph, which was the final and most challenging recreation for Rankin. Ritts really transformed the way that men were viewed within fashion photography and as models and so this made his work that more fascinating. Rankin used model David Gandy for this shoot, and despite him being smaller in size compared to the original model the final outcome was incredible. I love the fact that Rankin stuck to using the film camera, as I feel that this really completed the photograph. Shockingly I actually prefer Rankin’s recreation, just because it is a lot more natural and intriguing. After seeing the final image, it’s really surprising to think that Rankin struggled to shoot a male model.


What I loved about this documentary was that Rankin didn’t just set out to create the same image and that be it, he really did his research and went out to recreate the meanings, the messages within the photographs and it was a whole experience. The documentary as a whole was extremely eye opening, especially in terms of technology advancements and photography styles. I was familiar with a few of the images but not the history behind them and so that element of the documentary I also really enjoyed.

I hope this will be just as interesting for you guys as it was for me.

Love always


Fashion | #WednesdayWeeklyWishlist

Happy Halloween everyone,

I hope you guys are enjoying all the pumpkin carving and dressing up. I was so excited for today’s #Wednesdayweeklywishlist because it’s finally come to that time of year where you can really wrap up warm and layer up. I had so much fun looking online for all the big coats and scarfs I wanted, as well as all my little winter date night outfits. There was so much I loved and put onto my wishlist that I’ve split it into two, so theres 8 pieces for this week and 8 pieces for next week.


I have to say Oh Polly and Zara are really coming through with the big winter coats, and I am loving every minute of it. This year a majority of my A/W wardrobe is from Zara, I just feel like they are 2 steps ahead of all the other high street brands. No one is bringing affordable quality clothes and trendy timeless pieces like they are.

I cannot wait to show you guys the rest of my wishlist next Wednesday, have a lovely rest of your week.

Love Always