Date Night | Restaurant Ours

It has been a while since our last date night out, which means our date night posts have taken a back seat for a bit. As we are now both at uni with very busy schedules, movie nights and a pizza delivery are as romantic as we are getting at the minute.

Yesterday I was looking over photos from this year, because I can’t believe how fast it’s gone, and I came across photos from our first Valentine’s Day. This sparked an idea to write a blog post about one of our first proper date nights at Restaurant Ours in Knightsbridge.


I want to start by saying that there is no other restaurant like it, and it really is a whole experience. I really appreciate how much thought and effort has been put into the restaurant, which is evident not only through its decor but the menu and the overall atmosphere. The beautifully lit hallway to the reception desk was a feature I loved from the start, it really gave off an elegant and sophisticated feel. The staff at the reception desk right through to the bar were absolutely amazing, and really went above and beyond to make our evening the best it could be.

For Valentine’s Day the restaurant had a special set menu based off of a couple sharing, and so we were served kale chips, smoked saggy beef tartare with quail egg and horseradish cream and wild sea bass sashimi with a raw crunch salad for starters. The kale chips were definitely our favourite, I could’ve eaten that all night with a few cocktails and been very happy. For mains we then had buratta aubergine caviar, truffle tagliatelle with shaved black truffle, blackened miso salmon with ginger and cucumber and peppered beef fillet with sweet soy and sesame seeds with sides of seasonal greens and skinny truffle and parmesan chips. The tagliatelle was unreal as well as the skinny chips, Damian and I both love truffle and so we demolished both in no time. The miso salmon was also made to perfection and went so well with the seasonal greens. Lastly we shared a hazelnut and orange marquise cake for dessert which we both struggled with, but it was a lovely finish to our meal.


Before leaving we had to get some photos for our scrapbook, and so we rushed to the flower wall while it was empty and grabbed a few shots on the Polaroid. I initially put Restaurant Ours on my date list because of the beautiful flower wall, and so there was no way I was leaving without a photo by it.

After our experience for Valentine’s Day I would absolutely love to go back again and see what’s on their menu now, as I know it’s always changing. I also would highly recommend it for those of you looking for an intimate date night setting.

Love Always


Date Night | Big Easy

The clocks are going back soon, which means those cold dark winter evenings are creeping up on us. This is my favourite time of year for warm intimate date nights, and so this post is all about one of my favourite date nights from last winter at Big Easy in Covent Gardens.

As some of you will know from reading previous blog posts, I have a date night list full of ideas and places for us. Last year we decided on Big Easy for one of our winter date nights, we had this amazing lobster at Sea Palace in Amsterdam and so we was adamant we wanted lobster again.

I booked our table online in advance, and I’m so glad we did because the place was so busy and there was queues going on forever to get in. We decided on the fresh lobster meal deal for main, this includes a 1 pound lobster with chips and a salad with a free brew, glass of Prosecco or slushie cocktail all for £20. We both had the slushie cocktails with our main, however I did wish I had chosen a glass of Prosecco instead as the cocktail slushie wasn’t much like a cocktail at all. We also shared the grand appetiser for 2 which was a huge dish of voodoo wings, pit smoked bar bq wings, bar bq chopped rib tips, tenders hush puppies, calamari, deep friend jumbo shrimp.

The food was absolutely unreal, and was so filling. The service was incredible considering how busy it was, and the waiters made sure that we were happy with our food and was enjoying our experience at Big Easy. I would definitely recommend Big Easy over Burger & Lobster for those of you that want to try somewhere with good lobster. But the best seafood place of them all is definitely Fat Crab, so add those two to your own date night list’s.

If you guys have any date night suggestions please comment below. And please have a great weekend!

Love Always


Date Night |Celebrating at STK

For our one year anniversary dinner my boyfriend took us to STK London, it’s been on my little date night list for a while, and as it was in our hotel it made sense to go there. We booked our table through Open table, I prefer using Open table as it saves the hassle of calling restaurants and you can just quickly do it online.

From the moment we walked through the door  I was blown away by the place. The music really set the mood for a great evening, and I have heard it’s even better on a Friday night. The decor and layout is beautiful and creates the perfect setting for a date night, whether it be with your girls or your other half.

For drinks we went for cocktails first, we tried the Lemon Stiletto and the classic Mojito. Both were made to perfection and were all gone by the end of the starters. My boyfriend then decided on a Corona to have with his main and I enjoyed a second mojito.


Then for starters we decided to share the scallops from the specials menu, it was the perfect amount for us two to share without filling ourselves up before our main. The scallops were the best I have had, they were on a bed of rice noodles that were full of flavour and that were cooked in the most delicious sauce. I honestly could have ordered another to have all to myself, it was that good.

Lastly for mains we shared the meal for two for £90, this included a juicy 950gr Scottish Rib-eye for two, Lil’ Brgs,Wagyu beef and rice, beef short rib, creamed spinach, American style creamed corn, a house salad, coleslaw, corn bread, Hendrick’s Gin cucumber and tomatoe salad and a parmesan truffle chips. We did originally book STK to have a steak dinner, but when we saw all this on the menu for £90 we couldn’t resist. We tried everything but didn’t manage to finish it all, and was defeated. We thoroughly enjoyed the Scottish Rib-eye steak, the Lil’ Brgs, the beef short rib, parmesan truffle chips and the American style creamed corn. However the creamed spinach, corn bread and Hendrick’s Gin cucumber and tomatoe salad we didn’t enjoy that much and wasn’t to our acquired taste at all. The shared meal filled us up so much that we didn’t even want to look at the desserts menu, but instead we did have some more cocktails.

I would highly recommend STK to everyone, and we are already planning to go back with my family.

Sexy Fish is next on my date night list, what’s next on yours?

Love Always


Date Night | Our Date Night Jar

I have followed @filledwithloveuk on Instagram for absolutely ages, and I have always loved their thoughtful date night jars. They have such a range for both couples and families and the ideas are great. My boyfriend and I can be very indecisive when it comes to date night, and so we decided to make our own date night jar inspired by the filled with love ones. The jar and coloured sticks we bought from Hobbycraft, then we put our date ideas into categories and colour coded them to match the sticks.


Red – More expensive

Orange – Special treats

Yellow – Days out

Green – Dinner dates

Blue – Stay in

Purple – £30 and under











More expensive includes date ideas such as ‘book a holiday’ and ‘a restaurant crawl’. Special treats includes dates such as ‘a spa day’ and ‘relive your first date’. For days out we chose ideas like ‘go to the zoo’, ‘go to Harry Potter world’ and ‘go for a picnic’. When it came to dinner dates we chose a range of restaurants that varied in price, location and type of food. Our choices included Melis in Milton Keynes, STK in London and Sheesh in Chigwell. We wanted to be creative with our staying in date ideas and so we chose ‘bake cookies and make milkshakes night’, ‘face masks, fondue and films’ and ‘a no technology night’. Lastly our £30 and under category included ideas such as ‘Top golf’ and ‘going to a museum’.

So far we have picked out a green dinner date stick for Fat Crab, a yellow day out stick for the zoo and two purple £30 and under sticks, one for the cinema and another for top golf.

I wonder what our next date night will entail.

Love Always


Date Night | Getting My Tiger Woods On

As an early birthday treat, last Wednesday my boyfriend took us to Milton Keynes to try out their new indoor Mr Mulligan’s Lost World adventure golf course. I got a lot of people asking questions on where it was and what it was like and so I decided to do a blog post for everyone interested.

As we decided to go in the week and during work hours we were able to receive this special deal that they are currently offering. The deal includes unlimited games on their courses and a meal in their restaurant for £10.99 (which I thought was insane until we got to the restaurant). The restaurant was quite disappointing. Now don’t get me wrong I wasn’t expecting TGI standards, especially because it was basically a free meal in the deal but I did expect our food to come out at a similar time and for us to be able to enjoy our drinks with our meal. Before I even saw my pizza being made, we had finished my boyfriends whole meal and I no longer wanted it. However the staff was amazing and really made up for it and it was basically a free meal after all.

The courses were so much fun and we had a lot of laughs, even if I did lose. They have two different courses that take around 30mins to an hour to complete, lucky for us it was lovely and quiet because of the time we went and so we got through the courses in a good amount of time. One course is an under water theme and the second one is more of an on land creature theme, both very creative and well put together.

Overall it was such a lovely day, and I had such a great time. It’s the perfect day out for everyone – couples, families or friends.

I hope you all have a great weekend.

Love always



Date Night | My Bloomroom Birthday Dinner

From the second we booked our table in The Bloomroom at P.F. Chang’s I was so excited to do a blog post about it, and here it is…

I came across The Bloomroom at P.F. Chang’s Asian Table on Instagram last month when it first launched. The menu looked incredible, the cocktails looked amazing and the room itself looked insanely beautiful. After Prettylittlething  held their Spring Fling 2018 in The Bloomroom, we decided to book a table before it became fully booked. I knew that the restaurant only had the room open until May 13th, and so we decided that this would be my early birthday dinner.

As you can see from all the pictures on my Instagram, I had the best time. From the second we got there the service was spectacular, shockingly we arrived an hour early, however they managed to get us seated at our table straight away. I say shockingly because I always make us late on our date nights. The Bloomroom is downstairs in the Pastry Lab, it had such an intimate feel to it and was perfectly decorated with a romantic touch.

We ordered the dynamite shrimp for starters, with chilli jam wings and crispy calamari. The shrimp was definitely our favourite, I would go back again just to have that.

For main we shared the Mongolian beef and the grilled Asian salmon with Lo mein noodles and Sichuan green beans. The Mongolian beef went so well with the noodles and beans and I thoroughly enjoyed every bit of it. I can honestly say this was the best Asian food I’ve ever had. To drink we tried a few different cocktails, we had a Sakura dream, an Azure, An Umeshu Cobbler and a Miyamoto. The Miyamoto was not to my acquired taste at all and was very bitter, but I loved the Sakura dream cocktail from The Bloomroom menu and I would’ve loved to have tried the mocktail version of it, the Sakura cooler. Lastly we shared a Pink Paradise for dessert, which was a large macaroon filled with raspberries and matcha ganache and rose ice cream. By this point my belly was so full, but it was the perfect amount to just squeeze in and it was the perfect ending to a delicious meal.

I will definitely be returning to P.F. Chang’s Asian Table, even if The Bloomroom isn’t there, and I would highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys Asian food. The price for what you get is very good, the staff are so helpful and friendly and the service is great. I really did have the best early birthday dinner, and now I cannot wait for all my birthday celebrations to come.

Thank you for reading.

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Love always,



Date Night | Sun, Sandwiches and Safari

So last weekend our date night turned into a date day, and with the beautiful weather we decided to go to Woburn Safari. My boyfriend and I absolutely love the zoo, but had never been to a Safari before and after driving through Woburn a few weeks ago we decided to add it to our date list for when the weather got a bit nicer. I got a lot of questions on Snapchat about where we was, and what the Safari was like and so I thought why not do a little blog post on it.

So we bought our tickets online on Saturday morning. I had someone ask if you could only get them online and if you had to pay in advance and the answer is no, you don’t need to book in advance and you can get tickets both online and at the gate and the prices are the same from what I discovered once we got there. After printing off the tickets I put together a little picnic for us and then we set off at around 12:30.

We arrived just before 13:30, there wasn’t a queue at all to get in and so we managed to drive straight through, which was great. You first go through the Road Safari, it’s best to go in a car that isn’t a soft top convertible, and this is where you can drive through the animal enclosures and get up, close and personal. The Road Safari allows you to go into the enclosures of the wolves, bears, lions and monkeys, as well as drive past the enclosures for the rhinos, zebras and giraffes. As you can see from the photos we managed to get very up close and personal and we loved every minute of it. I would say the Lions and Monkeys were my absolute favourite, every time I’ve been to the zoo the lions are normally far away and fast asleep, and so to be so close and to see them walking around was just insane. The monkeys were just so much fun, them jumping on our car and licking the window really made my day.


After you finish the road Safari you have the foot Safari, which isn’t as great but is still good. It’s very small, and there isn’t many animals to see, which I found disappointing after all the excitement of the road Safari. We bought tickets for the Sea Lion show which was very cute, and there was a lovely 3D movie to watch at the end of it.

And overall I would say Woburn Safari is a great day out and one of the best Zoo’s I’ve been to. They have a great programme everyday for you to really make the most of your time there and really get to know the animals there, and I can’t wait for summer so I can take my nieces and nephew there.

I hope you all have a productive week, and I pray the lovely weather comes back.

Love always