Uni | Planning A Trip Away

Being an Online Content Creator has changed my process of holiday prepping. Before the first job on my to-do list was to book in for all my beauty appointments, but now that comes second and first I have to create moodboards of inspiration and ideas.

I have an upcoming trip to Paris which my boyfriend has surprised me with for my 21st birthday. I noticed before anything I jumped onto Instagram and Pinterest to gather as much imagery as possible to create a range of moodboards. I always start off with creating an overall moodboard that includes locations I want to get content, posing and positioning ideas, restaurants to try and just an overall mood of the place I’m going to.

This is an example of a moodboard I created to get an overall feel for my trip.


I then go on to create moodboards that I then can categorise. So far I have created moodboards for five main Paris locations, I also have a food moodboard and two outfit moodboards.

This is one of my top tip for those of you that are starting out as Online Content Creators or looking to become one. For me I have to be organised and ahead to be able to function and get things done properly, I’m also not someone to do anything half-arsed and so this helps me get the content I want and to a higher standard. Through working this way I actually get my work done quicker, and so brands are happy and I get to spend a little less time of my trip working and I get to really enjoy myself.

What’s at the top of your to-do list when going on a trip? Comment below

Love always


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