Uni | My Self-Care Routine

Two years ago now I had my very own experience with anxiety. At first I didn’t know what it was, I just knew I wasn’t feeling myself and I couldn’t put into words how I was feeling or why I was feeling this way. I became very lost, life wasn’t what I expected it and I felt like I didn’t have my life in order for someone who was about to turn 19.

After speaking to my family and doing my research, I started writing my gratitude list. Each morning I would list 10 things that I woke up and immediately felt grateful for, each time listing 10 different things. This is my first and most important self-care ritual and is still something I do to this day. It not only stopped me for reaching my phone first thing every morning, but it also made me realise it wasn’t my life that I didn’t have in order and instead it was my mental health and my way of thinking.

This then lead me onto my next few self-rituals:

  1. Having a morning and evening skincare routine
  2. Drinking 2 litres of water a day
  3. Have a bedtime routine
  4. Having a healthy balanced diet

After repeated writing my gratitude list, I realised there was so much richness in my life that I was taking for granted. My health was one of them, and so I decided to take more care of physical well-being. By doing each of the rituals listed above my mood each day got better, my attitude to life improved and I was able to think more positively. I also had more energy and less headaches which made my days more productive.

From this I was able to move on to improving my intellectual state, which lead to my sixth self care ritual of ‘having a plan’. This ritual includes anything from creating a vision board for the year to a to-do list for the day, it’s all about having a goal or target that you can visually see and physically tick off. This is important for personal growth as well as keeping a positive mindset.

And lastly my final four rituals are made up of social, spiritual and emotional factors. These factors are vital as they nourish our souls and evoke feelings of love, happiness, belonging and acceptance.

  1. Spend time with family with no technology
  2. Make plans with friends
  3. Meditate
  4. Spend time alone

These are my top ten self-care rituals that have really helped me and transformed my life. I also like to follow positive quote accounts on Instagram such as @mindsetofgreatness and @vybesource. And I regularly use Pinterest for inspiration and new ideas.

I know everyone’s experience with anxiety is different, but I know everyone has their days where their vibrations are a little lower than usual, and so if I could help atleast one person with my top ten rituals then that’s something.

I hope you all have an amazing week.

Love always




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