Uni | What Can I Do? (Citizenship)

After today’s seminar on charities and brand collaborations with charities, it really got me thinking about what charities I connect with, what charities mean a lot to me, and what I can do to help. And so this evening I went out to create a list of charities that I would like to support in 2019. 

Cancer research UK is a charity that is very close to my heart and is one that I have supported from a very young girl, and so that took top spot on my list. But then after I found that I was stuck, I realised that shockingly I didn’t know of that many charities and the ones I did know of I didn’t connect with personally. And so I started out by listing what type of charities I would like get behind and what issues I feel strongly about. I knew I wanted to get behind an organisation that worked to help period poverty, an organisation that worked to help women who had been victims of sexual violence, an organisation that worked to help refugees and an organisation that worked to help mental health. 

In my research I came across Plan international, My Body Back, Save the Children and CALM. All four charities I felt a genuine connection to and was massively impressed by in terms of their story and their work.

Plan international strive for a just world that advances children’s rights and equality for girls All over the world, girls suffer discrimination in education, health, work and family life. The Sustainable Development Goals cannot be realised without a specific focus on achieving gender equality, and this is what the charity is working hard to change.

My Body Back is a charity that elps women who have experienced sexual violence and rape. They strive to change the perception women have of their bodies after sexual assualt, and help them love their bodies and feel confident again. They run cervical cancer screenings, have a maternity clinic and have also created The Clit List, a list of erotic media for people who would like to explore their sexuality using feminist, non-misogynistic and empowering content, curated with women who have experienced sexual violence in mind.

I came across Save the Children in my research for a charity that worked to help refugees. Save the Children  stand side by side with children in the toughest places to be a child. They do whatever it takes to make sure children survive, get protection when they’re in danger, and have the chance to learn. Although this isn’t a charity that mainly targets refugees, I was really moved by their stories and how much they have done to help so many children in the world already as well as their future plans to make some great changes.

And lastly I came to find CALM – the Campaign Against Living Miserably. Suicide is the single biggest killer of men under 45 in the UK, and the numbers are continuously increasing. Mental health is hard on everyone, but in a society tha has taught boys that talking about your feelings and crying is a sign of weakness, I feel like it is especially tough for men. I want to support this charity in their amazing work to change the culture around gender and mental health.

Through doing my research of these four charities I have discovered ways in which I can help support and volunteer in order to do my part in helping improve the world we live in. I have sent out emails to all four charities and will hopefully be able to work with them over summer and be able to come back with a blog post on how you all can also get involved.

What charities do you connect with? Comment below

Love always


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