Uni | Reading Week Book Review

For my reading week this week I spent most of my days with my head buried in ‘The Tipping Point’ by Malcolm Gladwell. This best-seller was a fascinating read for me, and this really surprised me as it wasn’t the typical book I would go for but I still thoroughly enjoyed it. There was a lot of insight throughout the book relating to marketing which was very eye opening, and is great for my course. 

To sum it up Malcolm Gladwell explores the idea that little changes can have big effects, and how when a small number of people start doing something new or different, that behaviour can ripple and in turn can create a tipping point. Within the book we are  introduced to the three key principles within the concept of epidemics. 

Principle one is ‘The Law is the Few’ which looks at three personality types – Connectors, Mavens and Salesmen. Principle two is ‘The Sickness Factor’ which explores why some people catch an idea and spread it, whilst other ideas aren’t caught at all. Then lastly the third principle is ‘The Power of Context’ which analyses the sensitivity of some epidemics to certain circumstances and conditions like time, space and place. 

For me the book is a study of human behaviour within a range of scenarios and that I found to be very interesting. I feel that by the end of the book I was given a whole new view on the world we live in, and was able to clearly see how these principles work and make sense within my generation. This was especially evident when looking at the three personality types, in particular the maven’s , who of our time are the bloggers, Youtubers and Instagram influencers. It was crazy to sit and think of the role I play within the concept and the effect I have as a person in the development of new ideas, products and trends. After a while I did find the book to be quite repetitive, and would have been an easier read if the book with narrowed down to the main points. I will definitely be keeping this book to return to for insights throughout my studies, and would highly recommend as a great read.

Love always


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