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PRETTYLITTLETHING have really upped their game this year from collaborations to content. And now they have moved further into the digital era with their new very own podcast called ‘PLT: Behind Closed Doors’ with the lovely Nat O’ Leary. The brand revealed in a statement recently that they were inspired by the slumber party concept and wanted to adopt that feel. They’ve also assured listeners that they’ll be working with some of the biggest names in fashion, music, entertainment and culture. With their very first podcast being with radio host Maya Jama. 

I have been absolutely loving their podcasts so far, I think it definitely gives off pillow talk vibes and I love listening to them in the evening when I’m in the bath and getting ready to get into bed and relax. I think it’s amazing that no topics are off limits and how they as a brand are using their platform to have open and honest conversations and to spread awareness on certain subjects as well. I think what also is really important is the choice of  host, and they couldn’t have picked anyone better than Natalie. It’s honestly like listening to your bestfriend and your favourite artists/influencers/entertainers chatting away.

So far I think Maya Jama, Ms Banks, Madison Sarah, CC Clarke, Jayde Pierce and Olivia Rose Smith have been my favourites. I think as well it’s also really nice to see them all in such a different light, even though most of them do YouTube and you think you’ve seen everything on the podcasts you see another side and I’ve been really enjoying that element. 

I already cannot wait for the next one. Who would you like to see on the next PLT Podcast? Comment Below

Love always


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