Uni| Reading Week Netflix Review

House of Z is a documentary on Netflix that takes us on a journey of the rise, the fall and the comeback of American fashion designer Zac Posen. Very similarly to the documentary ‘Jeremy Scott – the people’s designer’, House of Z gives us an incredible insight into the childhood and educational path of Zac that led him under the spotlight. With both exclusive behind the scenes footage and interviews family, friends, critics, journalists and fashion insiders, ranging from his sister and mother to Naomi Campbell and P Diddy. 

What I thoroughly enjoyed about this documentary was the authenticity of it, and how it really made you feel a part of the journey each step of the way. From a intimate family business to a Posen Posse we saw Zac take the industry by storm, but what followed was more than just thunder and rain. Zac Posen isn’t one of my favourite fashion designers, however after watching this documentary I have a new found respect for him and his creativity. I also enjoyed seeing the change in him not only as a designer but as a person after the crashing of House of Z, in a way I feel like it was exactly what his ego needed in order to shrink a little and for him to grow as a man. 

Once again it was incredible to get a real look into the the industry I will be a part of in the future, and in some ways a reality check. Getting a different view point from all the beautiful and glamorous aspects of the fashion world, is very important and also very interesting. I also was reminded of certain elements I have been learning throughout my studies on my fashion communication and promotion course at university.

Love always


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