Uni | Reflection For The New Term

I am both ready and excited to go into my second term of university. It feels crazy that I will soon have finished my first year and will be going into my second year at the end of this year. I wanted to take this time to reflect on my first term as well as take a look at some of the things I would like to work on and achieve in my second. 

This first term has been an absolute rollercoaster. Going into my course I didn’t know what to expect, I wasn’t sure whether it would be similar to my visual arts diploma, whether it would be everything I hoped it would be and if I would actually enjoy it. Strangely the course is nothing like what I expected, and is a lot more interesting and creative than I had anticipated. A lot of the work we do isn’t new to me, in terms of writing blog posts, keeping a sketchbook and continuously reflecting on our work. But on the other hand there is so many things that are new to me that I am enjoying and that I am learning from. 

This term has also taught me so much about myself as a person and how I work. I’ve always thought of myself to be someone who works great in a group, however group work has been one of my biggest struggles. In the end I decided to change what role I played in each group project to see which fitted me best. And so I have decided that in future group work. I will play more of an active part and be more vocal within group meetings to motivate and support my group, this will help us create work that reflects our true potential. 

Towards the end of my first term I felt so overwhelmed and stressed, I allowed my work load to get the better of me and became so unorganised and this really put me down. Naturally I am an organised person and so I didn’t enjoy this time at all. I found myself struggling to balance everything that comes with being a uni student and so began to rush work and therefore stopped enjoying everything I loved at the start of my course. However I was able to learn from this experience and this has actually helped me set goals for this second term. 

My goals going into the new term are:

1. Use my spare time between lectures and my seminars wisely. 

2. Make more use of the library facilities, and keep a list of useful resources. 

3. Use Wednesday’s to catch up on sketchbook work. 

4. Really use my sketchbook to show my creative thinking and my thought process. 

5. Stick to a bedtime routine. 9 hours sleep – no more and no less.

I feel that my first term was a warm up and now I’m ready to really challenge myself and push myself. I’m excited to better my skills and gain more knowledge into the fashion industry, and my chosen career path. I’m determined to really prove myself, and show what I can really do, not just to myself but my tutors also.

Love always


Netflix & Chill (Uni) |The True Cost

The true cost is another fashion documentary on Netflix that discusses the impact of fashion on our world, and looks globally at the power and poverty aspects. This a discussion that has been held a lot more in the last year and has been openly discussed by bloggers and influencers on social media, who are now trying to change the concept of a ‘throw away society’. 

Most of us when buying clothes tend to only be concerned with the price, size and style of it.

The documentary starts off in China, looking at the effects of fast fashion and its 52 seasons a year. With the price of clothes lowering and the manufacturing costs remaining the same, this means corners are being cut and safety regulations are ignored in order to make things work. We then travel to Bangladesh to interview a few of the survivors of some of the worst factory disasters in the last few years. From the collapsing of factories to fires. Then to London to talk to Safia Minney who is the CEO of a fair trade fashion brand, who takes us to Tokoyo to share the great ideas behind fair trade and her work. 

The documentary covers so many aspects from marketing strategies to environmental impacts. Looking at how successful advertising encourages us to throw away what we have in order to buy what is new, and with the development of fashion fashion there is now new products being released every week. In terms of environmental impacts, this means the average American throws away 82 pounds of textile waste each year, adding up to over 11 million tonnes of textile waste from the US alone. Most of this waste is non biodegradable meaning it sits in landfill for up to 200 years while releasing harmful gas into the air. 

The documentary continues to travel round the world from Milan to Haiti, interviewing workers, survivors, CEO’s, journalists and activists. Allowing me to gain a global perspective of the topic being discussed. After watching the documentary I was reminded of how much we all play a part in terms of fast fashion and that this isn’t just a fight for the workers or families effected by poverty wages, factory disasters and abuse of employees but a fight for us all. I will be consciously making an effort from now on to spread awareness as well as promoting the ideas around recycled clothes rather than those of a ‘throw away society’ 

I would highly recommend this documentary, it really is a must watch.

Love always



Uni | Reading Week Book Review

For my reading week this week I spent most of my days with my head buried in ‘The Tipping Point’ by Malcolm Gladwell. This best-seller was a fascinating read for me, and this really surprised me as it wasn’t the typical book I would go for but I still thoroughly enjoyed it. There was a lot of insight throughout the book relating to marketing which was very eye opening, and is great for my course. 

To sum it up Malcolm Gladwell explores the idea that little changes can have big effects, and how when a small number of people start doing something new or different, that behaviour can ripple and in turn can create a tipping point. Within the book we are  introduced to the three key principles within the concept of epidemics. 

Principle one is ‘The Law is the Few’ which looks at three personality types – Connectors, Mavens and Salesmen. Principle two is ‘The Sickness Factor’ which explores why some people catch an idea and spread it, whilst other ideas aren’t caught at all. Then lastly the third principle is ‘The Power of Context’ which analyses the sensitivity of some epidemics to certain circumstances and conditions like time, space and place. 

For me the book is a study of human behaviour within a range of scenarios and that I found to be very interesting. I feel that by the end of the book I was given a whole new view on the world we live in, and was able to clearly see how these principles work and make sense within my generation. This was especially evident when looking at the three personality types, in particular the maven’s , who of our time are the bloggers, Youtubers and Instagram influencers. It was crazy to sit and think of the role I play within the concept and the effect I have as a person in the development of new ideas, products and trends. After a while I did find the book to be quite repetitive, and would have been an easier read if the book with narrowed down to the main points. I will definitely be keeping this book to return to for insights throughout my studies, and would highly recommend as a great read.

Love always