Travel | In New York – Day Three

After getting an early night last night we were up bright and early this morning ready for another day of adventures. We decided to explore the area surrounding central including The Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Central Park Zoo. We started off the day having breakfast at Bluestone Lane Coffee which is right around the corner from the Met. I ordered the avocado toast with poached egg and smoked salmon, it was absolutely delicious and was so filling. I also ordered their Fiji apple juice and it was the best juice I have ever tasted, in fact I had to order a second one because it was so refreshing and I finished the first one before my breakfast even came. 

After breakfast I went to get a blow dry at Madison Avenue Salon, our hair dryers didn’t work very well in New York and so I was unable to wash my hair myself. The lady who did my hair was amazing, she styled it just how I wanted it and left me feeling fresh and fabulous. She also made sure I was comfortable at all and we had a lovely conversation throughout my time at the salon. 

I then went on to explore the Sweaty Betty store next door, I was given Sweaty Betty as my brand for my summative brief and so to gain a global perspective of the brand and it’s image I decided to interview the staff in the store to gain some primary research for my sketchbook. 

After this I then went on to meet the girls who were at the Met. The museum was incredible from the outside and throughout the inside also, The exhibition of Jewellery: The body transformed was one of my favourites and also linked very well with the trend of my summative brief, which is ornamented and embellished. It was incredible to be inside of the very place that holds the Met Gala every year, especially after watching ‘The first Monday in May’ not long ago.

We then went on to visit the Central Park Zoo, which wasn’t far from the Met at all. The zoo was a lot smaller than I had expected, maybe this is because I had pictured it to be exactly like in the film Madagascar. I was saddened by how small the animal enclosures were and how bored and unhappy the animals seemed to be, compared to other zoo’s I have visited but it was an experience and I was able to see animals that I wouldn’t necessary be able to see in the UK. 

After the zoo we headed to Black Tap for dinner. Before leaving for my trip I had so many people messaging me telling me to add it to my bucket list for places to eat and how amazing the milkshakes are there, and so as we wasn’t far from black tap we decided to pop in on our way back to our hotel for dinner. I ordered the tortilla chips with cheese and guacamole dips for starters, then I had a Mexican burger for main with my favourite strawberry lemonade. I think this was one of my first meals that I couldn’t finish as the portion was so big and so filling. I did initially want to get a milkshake for dessert, however there was no room left and so I thought I would save that for another day.

On our way back to the hotel we noticed a big camera crew and lots of old cars outside our hotel, so we stayed in the lobby for a while before heading up to our rooms to find out what was going on. It turns out that a new series on Netflix was being filmed starring Forest Whitaker.

Day four will be released at 8pm tonight.

Love always


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