Travel | In New York – Day Four

Today we planned to do the Chelsea market and surrounding areas, as well as the Brooklyn bridge. And so we set out for breakfast in the direction of the Chelsea area. We ended up stopping for breakfast at By Chloe which seemed to be a vegan friendly breakfast place. I decided on the smoothie bowl as I wanted something quite light and refreshing after having such big filling breakfasts a majority of the week. It was so lovely to just have some fruit and veg and I thoroughly enjoyed it. 

After breakfast we then headed to the Flatiron building for some photos, and then made our way to the Kleinfeld store. Visiting Kleinfeld was one of my highlights of the trip, I’ve seen the store on TV and have only dreamed of stepping foot inside. Their use of space within the store was incredible and gave the whole experience a very sophisticated and personal feel to it. This also went well with my trend story for my summative brief, as a lot of the dresses and accessories has embellishment. The ladies there were so lovely and despite filming for the show, they still allowed us to explore round the store.

After stopping off at what could only be described as bridal heaven, we then made our way to the Chelsea Market. I hadn’t done much research on it and so wasn’t sure what to expect, but the market ended up being a great experience. Inside were lots of different food stalls from different parts of the world, including Italian, German, Japanese, American and Jamaican. This made it very difficult for me to choose what to eat for lunch as I love all five. There was also little shops inside and boutiques inside as well. 

We were actually quicker at the Chelsea Market than anticipated, and so we decided to make our way to Brooklyn bridge. On our way we stopped off at a few stores including Dior and Sephora again. The layout and use of space within the Dior store was very creating and gave the store a very clean and fresh feel. It was definitely one of my favourite stores and once again I was able to grab some pictures for my summative project. 

After popping into all the stores we wanted to, we hopped onto the subway to Brooklyn Bridge as it was quite a way out to walk. Because we wasn’t in hurry and was more organised we found the subway a lot easier to use and so we found ourselves outside the Brooklyn Bridge in no time. We got there at a perfect time as the sky looked absolutely beautiful, and there wasn’t that many people walking across it. I was very nervous walking across the bridge, however it was something I really wanted to do and had put on my bucket list and so I put my fears to one side and tried to enjoy the moment as much as possible. 

As we had finished everything we had planned to do quite early, we decided to do something else on our bucket list before heading back to our hotel. The Rockefeller Centre wasn’t far and so we decided to do the Top of the Rock. On the way we stopped for dinner at BH Kitchen and Bar, the atmosphere was great and the food was even better. I was stuck between the chicken and waffles and shrimp tacos for so long, but then ended up getting the shrimp tacos. I can honestly say they did not disappoint, and I would happily go back to eat there again this week. 

After what was a lovely dining experience we then headed to the Rockefeller centre. I was a little nervous as I’m not someone who is very good with heights, however once I was up there I couldn’t have been less nervous. The view was so breathtaking that I think I forgot how high I really was and just enjoyed soaking up the moment. We got some incredible photos up there and it really ended our night on such a high.

Day five and day six will be posted tomorrow

Love always


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