Travel | In New York – Day Two

img_1122.jpgToday was our first full day in New York, and so we woke up early ready to explore the city. For breakfast we went to Friedman’s, it was close to our hotel and after looking at the menu we really wanted to try out the food there. I had the French toast with wild berries, I had never had French toast before and really want to try as many things as possible on this trip. The vibe at Friedman’s was so relaxed with great music and once again the staff were super friendly. 

Before heading out for breakfast this morning we planned out our day and decided to do as much sightseeing and exploring as possible in the areas surrounding our hotel. So after breakfast we headed to madison square gardens and the shops surrounding it, we explored Macy’s, Sephora and Victoria’s Secret. Victoria’s secret was a whole experience for me, I was invited by one of the lovely ladies who worked there for a sizing. I have only been measured once in my life in M&S and so I wasn’t expecting much, however a measuring in VS was something very different. They start by measuring you, and then they put you into a changing room which they spray with a special Victoria scent and then have you try on a variety of different bras. They have a card which they fill out for you, providing information of your actual bra size as well as your size in each different bra you try on and the scent they spray the room with. They also put a heart next to each of your favourites, so you know when you want to buy them. The ladies in the changing rooms made me feel super comfortable and made the experience incredibly fun, and I left feeling very confident also. 

After this we headed to grand central station, another attraction on all of our bucket lists, and then went on to explore Times Square. On our way to Times Square we came across the Trump Tower and stopped off at some of the stores such as BVLGARI, Tiffany & Co and Saks Fifth Avenue in order to broaden our global perspective on some of the brands. 

Times Square was breathtaking but was a lot smaller than I had imagined. It felt surreal to be somewhere that I had seen so many times on TV. After soaking up the atmosphere we then headed to find dinner, in which we stopped off at Schnippers for some cheesy chips and a cheese dog. A couple blocks down was Carlo’s bake shop from the TV show ‘Cake Boss’ and so I was so excited to go inside. Sadly I was so full from my dinner that I didn’t end up buying anything to try but the cakes looked incredible and I’m hoping to go back at some point this week. 

After dinner we decided to head back to the hotel and get an early night, as all the walking and exploring tired us out, ready for our third day tomorrow.

Day three will be posted tomorrow

Love always


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