Travel | In New York – Day Four

Today we planned to do the Chelsea market and surrounding areas, as well as the Brooklyn bridge. And so we set out for breakfast in the direction of the Chelsea area. We ended up stopping for breakfast at By Chloe which seemed to be a vegan friendly breakfast place. I decided on the smoothie bowl as I wanted something quite light and refreshing after having such big filling breakfasts a majority of the week. It was so lovely to just have some fruit and veg and I thoroughly enjoyed it. 

After breakfast we then headed to the Flatiron building for some photos, and then made our way to the Kleinfeld store. Visiting Kleinfeld was one of my highlights of the trip, I’ve seen the store on TV and have only dreamed of stepping foot inside. Their use of space within the store was incredible and gave the whole experience a very sophisticated and personal feel to it. This also went well with my trend story for my summative brief, as a lot of the dresses and accessories has embellishment. The ladies there were so lovely and despite filming for the show, they still allowed us to explore round the store.

After stopping off at what could only be described as bridal heaven, we then made our way to the Chelsea Market. I hadn’t done much research on it and so wasn’t sure what to expect, but the market ended up being a great experience. Inside were lots of different food stalls from different parts of the world, including Italian, German, Japanese, American and Jamaican. This made it very difficult for me to choose what to eat for lunch as I love all five. There was also little shops inside and boutiques inside as well. 

We were actually quicker at the Chelsea Market than anticipated, and so we decided to make our way to Brooklyn bridge. On our way we stopped off at a few stores including Dior and Sephora again. The layout and use of space within the Dior store was very creating and gave the store a very clean and fresh feel. It was definitely one of my favourite stores and once again I was able to grab some pictures for my summative project. 

After popping into all the stores we wanted to, we hopped onto the subway to Brooklyn Bridge as it was quite a way out to walk. Because we wasn’t in hurry and was more organised we found the subway a lot easier to use and so we found ourselves outside the Brooklyn Bridge in no time. We got there at a perfect time as the sky looked absolutely beautiful, and there wasn’t that many people walking across it. I was very nervous walking across the bridge, however it was something I really wanted to do and had put on my bucket list and so I put my fears to one side and tried to enjoy the moment as much as possible. 

As we had finished everything we had planned to do quite early, we decided to do something else on our bucket list before heading back to our hotel. The Rockefeller Centre wasn’t far and so we decided to do the Top of the Rock. On the way we stopped for dinner at BH Kitchen and Bar, the atmosphere was great and the food was even better. I was stuck between the chicken and waffles and shrimp tacos for so long, but then ended up getting the shrimp tacos. I can honestly say they did not disappoint, and I would happily go back to eat there again this week. 

After what was a lovely dining experience we then headed to the Rockefeller centre. I was a little nervous as I’m not someone who is very good with heights, however once I was up there I couldn’t have been less nervous. The view was so breathtaking that I think I forgot how high I really was and just enjoyed soaking up the moment. We got some incredible photos up there and it really ended our night on such a high.

Day five and day six will be posted tomorrow

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Travel | In New York – Day Three

After getting an early night last night we were up bright and early this morning ready for another day of adventures. We decided to explore the area surrounding central including The Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Central Park Zoo. We started off the day having breakfast at Bluestone Lane Coffee which is right around the corner from the Met. I ordered the avocado toast with poached egg and smoked salmon, it was absolutely delicious and was so filling. I also ordered their Fiji apple juice and it was the best juice I have ever tasted, in fact I had to order a second one because it was so refreshing and I finished the first one before my breakfast even came. 

After breakfast I went to get a blow dry at Madison Avenue Salon, our hair dryers didn’t work very well in New York and so I was unable to wash my hair myself. The lady who did my hair was amazing, she styled it just how I wanted it and left me feeling fresh and fabulous. She also made sure I was comfortable at all and we had a lovely conversation throughout my time at the salon. 

I then went on to explore the Sweaty Betty store next door, I was given Sweaty Betty as my brand for my summative brief and so to gain a global perspective of the brand and it’s image I decided to interview the staff in the store to gain some primary research for my sketchbook. 

After this I then went on to meet the girls who were at the Met. The museum was incredible from the outside and throughout the inside also, The exhibition of Jewellery: The body transformed was one of my favourites and also linked very well with the trend of my summative brief, which is ornamented and embellished. It was incredible to be inside of the very place that holds the Met Gala every year, especially after watching ‘The first Monday in May’ not long ago.

We then went on to visit the Central Park Zoo, which wasn’t far from the Met at all. The zoo was a lot smaller than I had expected, maybe this is because I had pictured it to be exactly like in the film Madagascar. I was saddened by how small the animal enclosures were and how bored and unhappy the animals seemed to be, compared to other zoo’s I have visited but it was an experience and I was able to see animals that I wouldn’t necessary be able to see in the UK. 

After the zoo we headed to Black Tap for dinner. Before leaving for my trip I had so many people messaging me telling me to add it to my bucket list for places to eat and how amazing the milkshakes are there, and so as we wasn’t far from black tap we decided to pop in on our way back to our hotel for dinner. I ordered the tortilla chips with cheese and guacamole dips for starters, then I had a Mexican burger for main with my favourite strawberry lemonade. I think this was one of my first meals that I couldn’t finish as the portion was so big and so filling. I did initially want to get a milkshake for dessert, however there was no room left and so I thought I would save that for another day.

On our way back to the hotel we noticed a big camera crew and lots of old cars outside our hotel, so we stayed in the lobby for a while before heading up to our rooms to find out what was going on. It turns out that a new series on Netflix was being filmed starring Forest Whitaker.

Day four will be released at 8pm tonight.

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Travel | In New York – Day Two

img_1122.jpgToday was our first full day in New York, and so we woke up early ready to explore the city. For breakfast we went to Friedman’s, it was close to our hotel and after looking at the menu we really wanted to try out the food there. I had the French toast with wild berries, I had never had French toast before and really want to try as many things as possible on this trip. The vibe at Friedman’s was so relaxed with great music and once again the staff were super friendly. 

Before heading out for breakfast this morning we planned out our day and decided to do as much sightseeing and exploring as possible in the areas surrounding our hotel. So after breakfast we headed to madison square gardens and the shops surrounding it, we explored Macy’s, Sephora and Victoria’s Secret. Victoria’s secret was a whole experience for me, I was invited by one of the lovely ladies who worked there for a sizing. I have only been measured once in my life in M&S and so I wasn’t expecting much, however a measuring in VS was something very different. They start by measuring you, and then they put you into a changing room which they spray with a special Victoria scent and then have you try on a variety of different bras. They have a card which they fill out for you, providing information of your actual bra size as well as your size in each different bra you try on and the scent they spray the room with. They also put a heart next to each of your favourites, so you know when you want to buy them. The ladies in the changing rooms made me feel super comfortable and made the experience incredibly fun, and I left feeling very confident also. 

After this we headed to grand central station, another attraction on all of our bucket lists, and then went on to explore Times Square. On our way to Times Square we came across the Trump Tower and stopped off at some of the stores such as BVLGARI, Tiffany & Co and Saks Fifth Avenue in order to broaden our global perspective on some of the brands. 

Times Square was breathtaking but was a lot smaller than I had imagined. It felt surreal to be somewhere that I had seen so many times on TV. After soaking up the atmosphere we then headed to find dinner, in which we stopped off at Schnippers for some cheesy chips and a cheese dog. A couple blocks down was Carlo’s bake shop from the TV show ‘Cake Boss’ and so I was so excited to go inside. Sadly I was so full from my dinner that I didn’t end up buying anything to try but the cakes looked incredible and I’m hoping to go back at some point this week. 

After dinner we decided to head back to the hotel and get an early night, as all the walking and exploring tired us out, ready for our third day tomorrow.

Day three will be posted tomorrow

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Travel | In New York – Day One

I’ve just landed back into the UK from what was an amazing week in New York City, and I couldn’t wait to tell you all what I was upto while I was there. I did attempt to vlog my trip, however I did struggle to find the balance between vlogging and living in the moment and so I did eventually give up. However each evening I documented my day in the notes of my iPhone and decided to put them into daily post for you guys. 

Day one 

So I arrived in New York at 1pm today and got to our hotel at around 3pm. After settling into the hotel after about an hour, the girls and I decided to start planning out what we wanted to do for our first day, we all had done a New York bucket list but hadn’t actually planned anything before arriving. We all had on our bucket list to see a NBA game, and after doing some research the only NBA game on the week we were here was Brooklyn Nets Vs Boston Celtics, and that was on tonight. After debating on what to do we decided to quickly get ready, grab some food and head to the Barclays Centre in Brooklyn to try and get some tickets for the game. 

I was a little nervous heading out just us 3 girls at night in such a big city, however the excitement of the adventure ahead took over. For our dinner on our first night we went to Bareburger, which ended up being one of our favourite spots in Nee York. I had an all American cheeseburger with a sunny side egg, avocado and dill pickles inside with a strawberry lemonade. The burger was absolutely unreal and was exactly what I needed after such a long flight, the portion wasn’t overly massive as I had been told about but was very filling and was worth the price. The staff were incredible friendly and so helpful and really made the experience even more enjoyable. 

After such a lovely dinner we decided to get an Uber to the Barclays Centre, it was way too far to walk and we hadn’t quite figured out the subway yet, and with little time an Uber was our only option. On our way we crossed the Brooklyn bridge and it really sunk in that we was actually in New York. We managed to grab some tickets from the box office and there we were at our very first NBA game. 

Firstly I want to say everyone needs to go to a NBA game once in their life. It really is a whole experience, from the food stalls to the game itself and the entertainment during the breaks. I thoroughly enjoyed seeing the cheerleaders, as well as the entertainment from the hype team and the kiss cam. I also never knew that they played music during the game and that I loved. Me and the girls enjoyed a little sing along and boogey in our seats to a few of the songs. We also saw designer Steve Madden, rappers ASAP Ferg and Joey Badass at the game too which was quite exciting.

After the game we headed back to the hotel, we did initially try to get the Subway but decided to get off after hearing an announcement for the NYPD to be called to a situation. I really wasn’t trying to get into any situations on my first night and so we got another Uber back.

Day two will be posted later on tonight, look out for the time on my Instagram story.

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