Uni | Is There Still Room For Print In Such A Digital World?

Print is the outcome I have been given for my Summative brief, and while researching into both the benefits and the limitations of print I found myself questioning whether there is still room for print in such a digital age.

Print sales are on a huge decline and have been for many years, especially as the digital world advances. People no longer want to wait for news that they can easily access for free online. With news website such as the daily mail at our fingertips updating with global news constantly, by the time newspapers and magazines release it becomes old news. However it’s not just the access to quicker news that people love, it’s the digital media including videos and podcasts which you cannot get with print.

This decline is especially evident in terms of celebrity, gossip and fashion magazines. Vogue, one of the most well known global fashion magazine has seen a drop in sales by 4%.


However after digging a little deeper, and thinking about it from my own perspective I began to realise there is a lot that print can do that digital cannot. I am someone who still buys the monthly issue of Vogue, and it has become something I value and so I collect.  There is something about being able to physically hold a magazine and turn the pages that I enjoy and feels personal to me. Through this experience I have built a relationship with the magazine and so have a loyalty to them, and as a result Vogue is the only magazine I purchase.

This same concept applies to adverts and campaigns, the ones I see online I tend to scroll past and ignore, whereas the ones I can physically touch in magazines and the ones I see on billboards and posters when I’m on the go I appreciate more and take more notice of. This may be due to the texture and quality of the paper that I can feel which gives me a multi-sensory experience. I also feel that print is more valued as it is something you have chosen to pay for yourself and isn’t just something that anyone can see or access as to online. I know that because I have paid for a magazine I will read everything in it, whereas there is a lot online that I ignore. 

And not only does this apply to global news but it applies to our own personal news. I know when I get letters in the post I open them straight away and read them, whereas when I get emails or messages I often delete them without even reading them or put them off until I have to read them. I am not sure whether this is due to the physical side of letters in comparison to emails or whether it is a result of there being so many other things I can do on my phone.

In conclusion I believe there is room for both, there are both benefits and limitations to print and digital and by having the perfect you can appreciate both.

Love always


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