Netflix & Chill (And Uni)|The First Monday In May

The first Monday in May is one of the most insightful and interesting fashion documentaries I’ve watched on Netflix. Every year The Metropolis Museum of Art in New York creates a major exhibition opening on the first Monday in May, and so this documentary takes us on a journey behind the scenes to 2015’s China: Through the Looking Glads Met Gala. Along with insights from Anna Wintour, Andrew Bolton, Wong Kar Wai.

I look forward to the Met Gala every year, to see what the theme is and who is wearing what. To get a first look at what goes on behind the Met Gala was just incredible and filled me with so much happiness. I also felt that whilst watching it I was able to appreciate the work put in so much more after starting my fashion studies at university. From in depth research into the chosen theme and interior design to the perfect seating plan and guest list, the hard work is never ending.

After having such a strong image of the woman I thought Anna Wintour was, and now seeing her in a completely different light in this documentary, I have a new found appreciation for her not only as a woman, but a woman in a male dominant industry.

“What Anna has done is understood that high fashion, when it is paired with celebrity becomes something bigger than both, and that is what happens on the red carpet when you see Rihanna in a couture gown – it’s transcendent”. This is one of the truest statements made in the documentary by Wong Kar Wai, and one that really opened my eyes to what the Met Gala is and what it creates. It is amazing what fashion can do, and I feel even more passionate to work in such a creative and powerful industry.

This documentary not only filled me with excitement for this year’s Met Gala, but also for my trip to New York in which I will be able to visit The Metropolis Museum of Art myself and my future working within fashion.

Love always


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