General |My 2018 Highlights

2018 was an amazing year for me, especially in terms of growing and evolving. There has been so many highlights for me, and so I wanted to share this with you guys as I take the day to reflect on the year I’ve had and look forward to the year ahead.

Ive decided to do this month by month including something I lived,  I loved and learnt.


  • I went to Abode at Tobacco Docks with my good friends.
  • I loved spending time with my family and starting the year off together.
  • I learnt how to cook a roast dinner.


  • I did my work experience at a SLNGHR shoot, and it was incredible (A major highlight for me).
  • I loved my first Valentine’s Day with my boyfriend.
  • I learnt that fashion was definitely the career path I wanted to go down.


  • I surprised my sister with a trip to Amsterdam for her birthday.
  • I loved having family time at Easter.
  • I learnt that a good group of friends who love and support you is so important.


  • My boyfriend and I travelled to Rome to celebrate his 21st.
  • I also started my very first blog and made a fashion focused Instagram account
  • I loved going to Woburn Safari and definitely want to go again in 2019.
  • I learnt that what you put in is also what you get out and what you give you will receive.


  • I went to  We Are FSTVL with my favourite people.
  • I loved celebrating mine and my mumma’s birthdays.
  • I learnt that not everyone has the same heart as you and that is okay.


  • I went to the SLNGHR pop up store.
  • I loved surprising my Dad with breakfast on Father’s Day.
  • I learnt that a hot holiday once a year is needed.


  • I went to support my boyfriend at a charity football event for Cancer research UK.
  • I loved spending time with my niece and nephew.
  • I learnt that I can do whatever I put my mind to.


  • I had a ball at studio 388 with my family, my boyfriend and my best friends.
  • I loved celebrating my one year anniversary with my boyfriend.
  • I learnt that what you feed your body, soul and mind is so important and can be life changing.


  • I moved 100 miles away from home.
  • I loved celebrating my brother’s and dad’s birthdays.
  • I learnt how much was done for me behind the scenes at home by my family and it made me even more grateful for the family I have and how much love and support I am surrounded by.


  • I went to Studio 338 for halloween with my best friends.
  • I loved pumpkin picking with my boyfriend.
  • I learnt just how hard but not hard uni is.


  • I found a flat to move into next year with my two fav people and my boyfriend.
  • I loved celebrating bonfire night with my good friends.
  • I learnt that everyone you meet in life is for a reason, whether that be for a lesson, or for life.


  • I went to Olympia Horse Show with my boyfriend.
  • I loved spending Christmas with my family and being back home.
  • I learnt how important alone time, as well as the importance of self care.

And that was my year. In terms of my blog and my Instagram, I managed to work with some incredible brands including – Femme luxe finery, iKrush, Vivichi, Lilylulu, Cariscloset, I saw it first, Ego shoes and Missy Empire. And I also got invited to my first event in December. For 2019 I would definitely love to continue working with these incredible brands, attend more events and collab with some incredible photographers to get some creative content for you guys.

overall I cannot wait to see what 2019 has in store for me but I know its going to be an incredible year, I can just feel it.

What were your highlights of 2018?

Love always


General | How I Prepare For The New Year

I know I always say it but I really don’t know where the year has gone, it’s really flown by and I can’t believe it’s New Years Eve tomorrow.

In preparing for the new year, there’s a few things I like to do building up to New Years Eve. One of the first things is a big clear out, I tend to clear out all my drawers, under my bed and my wardrobes. All my bags get sorted out and re-organised, my furniture in my room gets a little move around and I try to get rid of as much stuff as I can that I no longer need, use or want. I like to divide this equally into stuff to sell on Depop and stuff to give to charity. This is to make room in my wardrobe for new clothes that I want in the New Year and also to de-clutter my room, I do believe that living in a cluttered space will only clutter your mind.

I then have a huge phone and social media clear out. I like to remove people from my contact book who I no longer need in there or necessarily talk to, remove those friends from Facebook who love to nosey at what you’re up to but never like to support, and unfollow those people I follow on Instagram who’s photos I never like. I feel this is necessary in order to make space for all the amazing people I’m going to attract with my new energy in the New Year. I then lastly upload all my photos from my phone onto my MacBook (which will then go onto a hard drive) and then remove them off of my phone ready for all the amazing photos I’m going to take in the New Year.

I then like to reflect on the year I have had, what I learnt, what I loved and what I achieved. Each year since 2015 I’ve created a vision board for the New year and so I love to reflect and tick of what I managed to accomplish that year. Going forward I then set myself some targets and some goals, and create a new vision board. This is something I normally think about all year and note down in my notepad, and then I put it all together the day before New Year’s Eve with images into my vision scrapbook. My vision board is something quite personal and close to my heart so I don’t tend to ever show anyone or tell anyone other than my family and my boyfriend, however I have put examples below of how I like to reflect on the year and how I set my targets and goals to help some of you.


How do you prepare for the New Year? What goals will you be setting for yourself? Comment below and let me know.

Love Always


Netflix & Chill | Birdbox

The memes are everywhere, it’s all anyone is talking about and so this week I decided to finally watch Birdbox and give you guys my thoughts and feelings in my little film/series review.

For those of you who haven’t seen Birdbox yet, it is a psychological thriller written by Netflix that takes you on a journey  of survival with a mother and her two children,  after the world is taken over by an unseen demonic force. The film is based off of the idea that ‘what the eyes cannot see, cannot hurt you’ in which case the people who see the demonic force end up killing themselves, and those who can’t see them are not harmed. This explains why in all the memes you guys have seen, with main actress Sandra Bullock and her two children, they are wearing blindfolds.

Personally I would rate this film an 8.5 out of 10. I have been really shocked by the bad reviews of this film, because I feel like the concept is so real and so relatable in this day and age that I thought more people would have appreciated it. However this may be due to the fact that others may have interpreted the film very differently, and may have a different outlook on the ideas it conveys.

The acting was outstanding, and each character within the film played a valuable role. With so much suspense at times, I really enjoyed the elements of humour that would allow you to enjoy that film just that little bit more. And lastly I thought the ending was amazing, it brought everything together so nicely.

For me Birdbox and the concept of ‘what the eyes cannot see, cannot hurt you’ was a massive eye opener and also made me think of how I can use that in 2019 to have an even better year. If I can’t see anything bad or negative then nothing can hurt me, and so going forward I must only see the good in every situation. I know personally for me this is going to be challenge but I know once I get in the habit of doing it, it will be life changing.

What were your thoughts on Birdbox? Please comment below, I would love to know other people’s thoughts and feelings.

Love Always


General | Merry Christmas

This is just a short little post to wish you all a very Merry Christmas. I hope you are enjoying time with close friends and family, and that your day is filled with lots of love and laughter. I know Christmas can also be a difficult time for so many, so I want to take this time to say well done for being so strong and to remind you that tomorrow will be a better day.

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your support and encouragement throughout the year, it hasn’t gone unnoticed.

Love always


Uni | Is There Still Room For Print In Such A Digital World?

Print is the outcome I have been given for my Summative brief, and while researching into both the benefits and the limitations of print I found myself questioning whether there is still room for print in such a digital age.

Print sales are on a huge decline and have been for many years, especially as the digital world advances. People no longer want to wait for news that they can easily access for free online. With news website such as the daily mail at our fingertips updating with global news constantly, by the time newspapers and magazines release it becomes old news. However it’s not just the access to quicker news that people love, it’s the digital media including videos and podcasts which you cannot get with print.

This decline is especially evident in terms of celebrity, gossip and fashion magazines. Vogue, one of the most well known global fashion magazine has seen a drop in sales by 4%.


However after digging a little deeper, and thinking about it from my own perspective I began to realise there is a lot that print can do that digital cannot. I am someone who still buys the monthly issue of Vogue, and it has become something I value and so I collect.  There is something about being able to physically hold a magazine and turn the pages that I enjoy and feels personal to me. Through this experience I have built a relationship with the magazine and so have a loyalty to them, and as a result Vogue is the only magazine I purchase.

This same concept applies to adverts and campaigns, the ones I see online I tend to scroll past and ignore, whereas the ones I can physically touch in magazines and the ones I see on billboards and posters when I’m on the go I appreciate more and take more notice of. This may be due to the texture and quality of the paper that I can feel which gives me a multi-sensory experience. I also feel that print is more valued as it is something you have chosen to pay for yourself and isn’t just something that anyone can see or access as to online. I know that because I have paid for a magazine I will read everything in it, whereas there is a lot online that I ignore. 

And not only does this apply to global news but it applies to our own personal news. I know when I get letters in the post I open them straight away and read them, whereas when I get emails or messages I often delete them without even reading them or put them off until I have to read them. I am not sure whether this is due to the physical side of letters in comparison to emails or whether it is a result of there being so many other things I can do on my phone.

In conclusion I believe there is room for both, there are both benefits and limitations to print and digital and by having the perfect you can appreciate both.

Love always


Uni | Reflection

So I have made it to Christmas break and I’m finally back home from uni. I can’t believe I am almost half way through my first year of university already, and so I wanted to use this time to really reflect on what I have learnt, what I am enjoying and areas I need to improve on.

Going to university has been something I have wanted for myself for a very long time, but it wasn’t until the beginning of this year that I knew exactly what I wanted to study. So when I got the highest grade in my Diploma for visual arts and got accepted into my first choice university, I knew I was on the right path. And I couldn’t have been anymore excited.

However moving 100 miles away from home does come with it challenges, especially for myself who loves family time and very rarely steps foot out of my comfort zone. I have had to learn to enjoy my own company, how to communicate with myself, how to stay self motivated and how to feed my soul, as well as juggling cooking, cleaning, socialising and uni work itself (just being a general adult).

In terms of my course I have thoroughly enjoyed every moment so far, and all the skills I have developed. From struggling with working in groups and not being able to speak confidently in front of a seminar group, which I really struggled with in the beginning, I have really grown and improved. My lectures not only inform me but they also inspire me and motivate me, which has made a huge difference to my learning. My course has taught me to be more aware of what’s going on in the world around me, especially in terms of the fashion industry.  As well as the importance of putting in extra hours of reading to develop my knowledge, which has in turn really developed my style of writing and has allowed me to develop a voice which I confidently use to give my opinion.

Looking forward in 2019 I would love to increase the amount of extra time I put in to read, as well as broadening my range of reading material. As well as being a lot wiser on how I use my spare time in order to accomplish more, I know I could get a lot more done in 24 hours than I currently do. I would also like to develop my skills further on Adobe software programmes and build my confidence, as I know this would be a great to have when going into the industry after I graduate. Overall I’m excited to learn more and continue to grow and improve, and make the most of my first year at uni.

Love always


Netflix & Chill (And Uni)|The First Monday In May

The first Monday in May is one of the most insightful and interesting fashion documentaries I’ve watched on Netflix. Every year The Metropolis Museum of Art in New York creates a major exhibition opening on the first Monday in May, and so this documentary takes us on a journey behind the scenes to 2015’s China: Through the Looking Glads Met Gala. Along with insights from Anna Wintour, Andrew Bolton, Wong Kar Wai.

I look forward to the Met Gala every year, to see what the theme is and who is wearing what. To get a first look at what goes on behind the Met Gala was just incredible and filled me with so much happiness. I also felt that whilst watching it I was able to appreciate the work put in so much more after starting my fashion studies at university. From in depth research into the chosen theme and interior design to the perfect seating plan and guest list, the hard work is never ending.

After having such a strong image of the woman I thought Anna Wintour was, and now seeing her in a completely different light in this documentary, I have a new found appreciation for her not only as a woman, but a woman in a male dominant industry.

“What Anna has done is understood that high fashion, when it is paired with celebrity becomes something bigger than both, and that is what happens on the red carpet when you see Rihanna in a couture gown – it’s transcendent”. This is one of the truest statements made in the documentary by Wong Kar Wai, and one that really opened my eyes to what the Met Gala is and what it creates. It is amazing what fashion can do, and I feel even more passionate to work in such a creative and powerful industry.

This documentary not only filled me with excitement for this year’s Met Gala, but also for my trip to New York in which I will be able to visit The Metropolis Museum of Art myself and my future working within fashion.

Love always