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Over the weekend I came across the Iceland Christmas advert on Facebook and Twitter (which I will post for you all below), and it really motivated me to do a blog post on it and spread awareness, especially after reading it won’t be shown on TV and in fact has been banned.

The advert has been described as being too political for a Christmas advert. However I feel like the advert portrayed exactly what Christmas is about, and was encouraging us as human beings to extend the love beyond our close family and friends this year, onto our wildlife and our planet.

Before coming across this advert I had no idea about the effects of palm oil on our planet, and so I set out to look into it a little deeper. Plantation linked to the Palm oil industry has led to major issues from deforestation and habitat degradation, to climate change, animal cruelty and indigenous rights abuse. Every 25 seconds an area the size of an average football pitch is torn down in the rainforests of Malaysia and Indonesia, pushing more and more species to extinction. And with 50% of supermarket products containing palm oil, it is growing in demand.

To know that there are so many people out there just like me, with little to no knowledge about the damaging effects of palm oil on our world, who won’t see this advert is really frustrating. How can you expect change when you are preventing awareness and education? However I try to see the positive in every negative situation and so I want to applaud Iceland for working with Greenpeace to really make a difference. As well as putting actions into play to become the UK’s first major supermarket to stop using palm oil in it’s own brand products by the end of the year. I hope this will motivate many more of you to make a difference.


From today I will be making a conscious effort to stop using products that contain palm oil, and start looking for the RSPO trademark. Change starts with you. and if we all make an effort to prevent palm oil consumption we can really make a difference to our planet and our home. I would hate for my children and grandchildren to miss out on seeing the beautiful animals that God created because they are all extinct out of the selfishness of my actions.

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