Netflix & Chill (And Uni)|Abstract

In all my lectures I like to note down recommended reading material, recommended films/series as well as useful websites that will advance my learning and better my knowledge. This evening I had some spare time and so I decided to watch a series recommended by one of my lecturers called ‘Abstract: the art design’.

I decided to jump to episode 7 which focused on Planton’s photography. In the last year photography has been an art that I have really taken an interest in and so this documentary really caught my eye. Also Planton has been described as a Cultural provocateur, and so I was intrigued to see how he worked, how he got to where he is and where his inspiration comes from.

The documentary switches between the life of Platon Antoniou, and some behind the scenes footage of him working with General Colin Powell, both giving great insights into his work and how he got to where he is now. There were also some really moving parts to the documentary in which Planton speaks about some of his greatest projects, and takes us on an incredible journey to one of his scariest missions in Congo 

What I found most interesting about how Planton went about his work, was not only did he do his research before working with someone, but before capturing a moment he really took time to build a connection and bond with that person. I feel this is what allowed him to communicate some really interesting stories through his photography. Along with the fact that he shoots in film rather than digital, which keeps the connection between a photographer and their subject. 

I really enjoyed this documentary and gained so much knowledge, not only into the work and life of Planton Antoniou but into photography as an art and the power it has to not only captures moments, but tell

a story that can inform and inspire others. I also learnt so much about things that have happened and that are still happening in our world and how photography has played an important role in spreading awareness of these happenings.

For those of you interested you can find the documentary on Netflix, I highly recommend watching it.

Love always


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