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This is a post I’ve wanted to do for a while, in fact I was really waiting to do a vlog on her to show how much hard work and skill she puts into what she does, but since my YouTube channel is taking me a bit longer than I had initially planned I had to do a post.

I cannot emphasise to all you lovely young ladies how important it is when getting beauty treatments and enhancements, to go to someone you trust and who is full qualified. I see so many photos on Instagram of lash extensions that have damaged girls lashes or pulled them out, from half assed jobs. And I see just as many photos botched lip filler or really bad brows that have either been waxed too thin or overly microbladed. If you can’t afford to get it done properly then you shouldn’t be getting it done at all.

Lash Beautique is a business I have gone to for the last 4 years now for my eyelash extensions and one that I trust. The lovely lady behind it goes above and beyond to make every experience I have when getting my treatments done is both relaxing and comfortable, and that I always leave happy with the service provided. I’m advised if need be on what’s best for my body when getting certain treatments done, and always informed with the best aftercare. And this is why I’m always singing her praises.

Lash Beautique now offers a range of treatments from spa facials to waxing, lash extensions to brow tinting, and I get them all. The spa facials are incredible, and have made a massive difference to the appearance of my skin. And as for her brow tinting and waxing skills, my brows have never looked so good.  I’m hoping my YouTube will be up and running by the new year so then I can really show you guys how amazing she is, but for those of you who can’t wait I have a discount code for you so you can experience it for yourself. Use code  AHVB for 15% off, and you can use this when you book online through

If you have any enquiries or need anymore information you can contact her through Instagram @Lash.beautique

I hope you guys make the most of my discount code and get booking in with her, she really will change your life.

Love Always


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