Netflix & Chill | 22 July

22 July is a Netflix film produced and directed by Paul Greengrass, in which he tells the true story of Norway’s most traumatising terrorist attack in 2011. The film is focused around 3 stories – one of Anders Behring Breivik and the build up to the attack, one of the survivors and their families, and one of Viljar Hansen and how he refused to let the tragedy stop him and his family from living a normal life.

Paul Greengrass is an incredible director, his in depth research into what took place on the 22nd July 2011 and his ability to take real life tragedies and transform that into a poignant films with an amazing story to tell, is what created such a powerful moving drama.

I knew nothing about the attack on Norway until I watched this film, and so after watching it I really wanted to go out and find out more about what happened, and really look into acts of terrorism around the world. My foundings were quite disturbing and I was really affected by how many innocent lives have been taken out of extreme behaviour to prove a point, to get a message across or in some cases simply no reason. Each day I’m making it my mission to learn more about things that are or that have previously taken place in our world that aren’t discussed, that aren’t covered by the news and that we aren’t taught or told about, because it’s crazy how much is going on out there  in our world that we have no knowledge of. And in all honesty, how can we make a difference if we have no knowledge of anything? Knowledge really is power and I’m building on mine.

So we rate this film a 8 out of 10. And I just want to say this really is a must watch and such an eye opener. Please comment below any other films similar to this that you suggest watching.

Have a great weekend guys

Love Always

Damian & Adel

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