Uni |Hero to Zero

Within the industries of fashion, beauty and food there are concepts and ideas that are often shared by a range of brands. Whether this be down to inspiration, imitation or just thinking alike it is everywhere, however there are some brands doing it better than others creating hero brands and zero brands. I decided to do a little chart of my hero to zero brands.

Left: Hero is Rituals and Zero is The Body Shop Right: Hero is Jo Malone and Zero is Yankee Candles.

Left: Hero is Beauty Blender and Zero is The Real Techniques Right: Hero is OPI and Zero is Essie.

Left: Hero is Urban Decay and Zero is Make Up Revolution. Right: Hero is Anastasia Beverly Hills and Zero is Sleek.

Left: Hero is Women’s Best and Zero is Protein World.  Right: Hero is Gymshark and Zero is Protein World.

Left: Hero is Chanel and Zero is Zara.  Right: Hero is Mango and Zero is H&M.

What did you think of my Hero to Zero brands? What would yours be? Comment below

Love Always


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