Uni | Contrast

Contrast is a visual approach and is vital in terms of engaging with a consumer successfully. You can find examples of contrast almost everywhere from magazines to stores and product packaging to look-books, however this wasn’t something I was particularly aware of before starting my course at university,  and is now something I notice constantly. Visual contrast is predominantly used for the effect of keeping a consumer interested and engaged, and works by refreshening the brain with the art of seducing the eye. This can be in terms of proportion and scale, colour palettes or layout.

I decided to explore visual contrast myself and experiment with colour palettes, layout and text. I began by searching Pinterest for an image I wanted to use, I then went on to create a colour palette for it using the Adobe Colour Wheel and then finally began playing with what I had. Below you can see the colour palette I created along with my examples of visual contrast.

color palette.png

contrast 11

contrast 12.png

I feel like the two examples above were my most successful outcomes in terms of visual contrast. They both focus a lot on contrast in terms of colour palettes and scale with colour vs monochrome and zoomed in vs zoomed out. It was a challenge to be creative with only one image to use, however it was still fun experimenting. Leading on from this I then went on to look at examples of visual contrast in my collection of vogue magazines, as well as online. Below are examples of what I find to be successful and effective visual contrast, that kept me interested and intrigued.


This for me was a very interesting approach to visual contrast in having non-human vs human as well as a long shot vs close up. This is an advert  for Helmut Lang on the New York’s subway, and I think this would definitely catch the eye of those who are on the go.


What caught me eye about this example was the contrast of the bright pink text over the monochrome image and text. The shade of pink goes perfectly with the monochrome and isn’t too harsh on the eye, and it also doesn’t take away from the image nor the text. Another great example of effective visual contrast.


And lastly I couldn’t show examples of visual contrast without putting in an example of Celine’s. Some of their best campaigns are great examples and this is one of my favourites. Here you have a long shot vs a close up, face on vs side profile, bright colours vs neutral, no text vs text and lastly the softness of the dress and the cleanliness of the background vs the messiness of the hair and texture of the skin.

Visual contrast has been one of my favourite elements to my course, and I love finding new and effective outcomes using it.

This week try and look for examples of visual contrast guys, and let me know what your favourites are.

Love always



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