Uni | The Effects Of Brexit On The Fashion Industry

I just want to start by saying for those of you who haven’t signed up to Business of Fashion you need to do it now. Since signing up I have become so much more aware of what is going on around me, not just in regards to the fashion industry but in the world as a whole.

For this week’s post I decided to base it around an article I read on Business of Fashion and live discussion I came across on SHOWStudio surrounded by the effects of Brexit on the fashion industry. From December 2020 we will start to see the changes in policy concerning immigration and trading, two areas that will greatly impact the success and progression of the fashion industry. SHOWStudio provided an open space for debate and discussion around the future of the industry and some of the concerns with the Fashion Roundtable as the panel including Tamara Cinik, Eszter Kantor, Samuel Nicholls, Navjyot Lehl and Karen Binns.

One point of concern in this discussion was the fact that EU citizen will likely have to apply for a certificate of sponsorship and work permit in order to work in the UK after December 2020. This new policy will effect those within the fashion industry freelance sector from photographers and models to traders and designers, who normally work off of a verbal contract. A second area of concern was for those within the industry who live with in the UK, and how they would freely move as creatives in and around Europe. Fashion is known for it’s fast pace and how much it relies on the flexibility of the industry workers in terms of getting things done last minute, and so this will be effected massively if new immigration policies start leaning towards visa’s. I feel that in terms of fashion always being quite some time ahead, this may not have a dramatic impact straight away, but could potentially cause problems in the future.  Another point made was about the higher import tariffs and administrative costs, I believe this will effect the ways in which we shop in the UK and have a big impact in terms of fast fashion.

As stated in the SHOWStudio debate ‘Fashion is the diamond of the British culture, it’s one of the biggest traders and is the British global reputation’ and so it will be very interesting to see how we go about upholding our reputation and what strategies are put in place. This is a conversation I will be keeping up with, I think its very important to be aware of how we all will be effected by leaving the EU, especially for those of us looking to work within the fashion industry.

What are your thoughts on these areas of concern? Do you think leaving the EU will be beneficial to the industry at all? Comment below

Love always


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