Netflix & Chill (And Uni) | Jeremy Scott – The People’s Designer

So as of lately I have been ditching my reality TV shows and Netflix movies for documentaries and books to really better my knowledge and understanding, as well as build on my writing quality for my fashion course. This week I watched a documentary on the life of fashion designer Jeremy Scott, and I thought I would share my thoughts on it with you all.

From seeing Moschino pieces on the catwalk, I have always had this idea of Jeremy Scott being a modern rebellious creative genius, and I think this documentary showcased that so beautifully. He really is the people’s designer, and I love how he allowed us to see him for the true humble and humorous person he is.

The documentary exposes so many different areas of Jeremy’s life and really tells the story of what built the designer we know and love today. From high school to farm life and family to friendships, we see it all and this isn’t something you wouldn’t normally see in a documentary of such a world famous fashion designer. As a fashion undergraduate I felt there were a few parts of the documentary that I was able to relate to, and so many parts that really inspired me and filled me with excitement for what my future in the industry could be like.


Model scouting and casting has been an element of the fashion industry that has always fascinated me from a young age. During my teenage years, being a size 4-6 with very long legs meant I was often approached by model scouts in and around London for modelling agencies. The life of a model, especially when it came to castings, was so intriguing and for me at such a young age was a massive eye opener. What was it that made someone a model? What features were important? What did they look out for? And so this was a part of the Jeremy Scott documentary I thoroughly enjoyed, as you got to see this from a designers perspective.

What makes him such an inspiration is how careless and free he is not only as a person but within his work. It was amazing to see a designer in such a serious industry have fun and be silly, and just enjoy every moment. For the first time ever I actually looked at a fashion designer and thought what a fun job you have,and so if I could swap lives with a fashion designer for one day, it would be Jeremy Scott.

I think often we forget that fashion is artistic and creative and we are meant to have fun with it and enjoy it, and this is something Jeremy continuously reminds us of. Regardless of his critics he remains true to himself and has fun with what ever project he is working on, which was evident throughout this documentary.

I cannot wait to see what the future holds for Jeremy Scott, and I feel massively inspired by  what I learnt in what I watched.

I would recommend this documentary to not only people who love fashion, but people who loved to be inspired and who love pushing their own creative boundaries. It is all about having a vision and seeing how you can go about making it your reality.

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