Fashion | #WednesdayWeeklyWishlist

Happy Halloween everyone,

I hope you guys are enjoying all the pumpkin carving and dressing up. I was so excited for today’s #Wednesdayweeklywishlist because it’s finally come to that time of year where you can really wrap up warm and layer up. I had so much fun looking online for all the big coats and scarfs I wanted, as well as all my little winter date night outfits. There was so much I loved and put onto my wishlist that I’ve split it into two, so theres 8 pieces for this week and 8 pieces for next week.


I have to say Oh Polly and Zara are really coming through with the big winter coats, and I am loving every minute of it. This year a majority of my A/W wardrobe is from Zara, I just feel like they are 2 steps ahead of all the other high street brands. No one is bringing affordable quality clothes and trendy timeless pieces like they are.

I cannot wait to show you guys the rest of my wishlist next Wednesday, have a lovely rest of your week.

Love Always


Uni |Hero to Zero

Within the industries of fashion, beauty and food there are concepts and ideas that are often shared by a range of brands. Whether this be down to inspiration, imitation or just thinking alike it is everywhere, however there are some brands doing it better than others creating hero brands and zero brands. I decided to do a little chart of my hero to zero brands.

Left: Hero is Rituals and Zero is The Body Shop Right: Hero is Jo Malone and Zero is Yankee Candles.

Left: Hero is Beauty Blender and Zero is The Real Techniques Right: Hero is OPI and Zero is Essie.

Left: Hero is Urban Decay and Zero is Make Up Revolution. Right: Hero is Anastasia Beverly Hills and Zero is Sleek.

Left: Hero is Women’s Best and Zero is Protein World.  Right: Hero is Gymshark and Zero is Protein World.

Left: Hero is Chanel and Zero is Zara.  Right: Hero is Mango and Zero is H&M.

What did you think of my Hero to Zero brands? What would yours be? Comment below

Love Always


Uni | Contrast

Contrast is a visual approach and is vital in terms of engaging with a consumer successfully. You can find examples of contrast almost everywhere from magazines to stores and product packaging to look-books, however this wasn’t something I was particularly aware of before starting my course at university,  and is now something I notice constantly. Visual contrast is predominantly used for the effect of keeping a consumer interested and engaged, and works by refreshening the brain with the art of seducing the eye. This can be in terms of proportion and scale, colour palettes or layout.

I decided to explore visual contrast myself and experiment with colour palettes, layout and text. I began by searching Pinterest for an image I wanted to use, I then went on to create a colour palette for it using the Adobe Colour Wheel and then finally began playing with what I had. Below you can see the colour palette I created along with my examples of visual contrast.

color palette.png

contrast 11

contrast 12.png

I feel like the two examples above were my most successful outcomes in terms of visual contrast. They both focus a lot on contrast in terms of colour palettes and scale with colour vs monochrome and zoomed in vs zoomed out. It was a challenge to be creative with only one image to use, however it was still fun experimenting. Leading on from this I then went on to look at examples of visual contrast in my collection of vogue magazines, as well as online. Below are examples of what I find to be successful and effective visual contrast, that kept me interested and intrigued.


This for me was a very interesting approach to visual contrast in having non-human vs human as well as a long shot vs close up. This is an advert  for Helmut Lang on the New York’s subway, and I think this would definitely catch the eye of those who are on the go.


What caught me eye about this example was the contrast of the bright pink text over the monochrome image and text. The shade of pink goes perfectly with the monochrome and isn’t too harsh on the eye, and it also doesn’t take away from the image nor the text. Another great example of effective visual contrast.


And lastly I couldn’t show examples of visual contrast without putting in an example of Celine’s. Some of their best campaigns are great examples and this is one of my favourites. Here you have a long shot vs a close up, face on vs side profile, bright colours vs neutral, no text vs text and lastly the softness of the dress and the cleanliness of the background vs the messiness of the hair and texture of the skin.

Visual contrast has been one of my favourite elements to my course, and I love finding new and effective outcomes using it.

This week try and look for examples of visual contrast guys, and let me know what your favourites are.

Love always



Fashion | #WednesdayWeeklyWishlist – Bag Edition

It’s Wednesday guys, which means it’s #Wednesdayweeklywishlist. This week’s wishlist is a special bag edition, I’ve noticed lately I buy so many outfits and I never buy any bags to go with them, and I’m not sure why. So this week I dedicated my time to bag shopping instead of shopping for more coats that I don’t need and don’t have the space for.

Strangely I found bag shopping a lot harder than shopping for anything else, and I didn’t enjoy it as much either (maybe that’s because all the bags I like are well over my budget atm). However I managed to create this wishlist in the end of the ones I did find and love.

So that’s all the bags I found that I loved, which completes this weeks wishlist. I can’t wait to go back to shopping outfits and shoes for next week’s wishlist, and really show you guys what I’m loving for this years autumn looks. there is just so much out there to choose from at the minute and I love it.

Ladies if there’s any bags out there that you are loving please leave a comment below.

Love Always


Uni | The Effects Of Brexit On The Fashion Industry

I just want to start by saying for those of you who haven’t signed up to Business of Fashion you need to do it now. Since signing up I have become so much more aware of what is going on around me, not just in regards to the fashion industry but in the world as a whole.

For this week’s post I decided to base it around an article I read on Business of Fashion and live discussion I came across on SHOWStudio surrounded by the effects of Brexit on the fashion industry. From December 2020 we will start to see the changes in policy concerning immigration and trading, two areas that will greatly impact the success and progression of the fashion industry. SHOWStudio provided an open space for debate and discussion around the future of the industry and some of the concerns with the Fashion Roundtable as the panel including Tamara Cinik, Eszter Kantor, Samuel Nicholls, Navjyot Lehl and Karen Binns.

One point of concern in this discussion was the fact that EU citizen will likely have to apply for a certificate of sponsorship and work permit in order to work in the UK after December 2020. This new policy will effect those within the fashion industry freelance sector from photographers and models to traders and designers, who normally work off of a verbal contract. A second area of concern was for those within the industry who live with in the UK, and how they would freely move as creatives in and around Europe. Fashion is known for it’s fast pace and how much it relies on the flexibility of the industry workers in terms of getting things done last minute, and so this will be effected massively if new immigration policies start leaning towards visa’s. I feel that in terms of fashion always being quite some time ahead, this may not have a dramatic impact straight away, but could potentially cause problems in the future.  Another point made was about the higher import tariffs and administrative costs, I believe this will effect the ways in which we shop in the UK and have a big impact in terms of fast fashion.

As stated in the SHOWStudio debate ‘Fashion is the diamond of the British culture, it’s one of the biggest traders and is the British global reputation’ and so it will be very interesting to see how we go about upholding our reputation and what strategies are put in place. This is a conversation I will be keeping up with, I think its very important to be aware of how we all will be effected by leaving the EU, especially for those of us looking to work within the fashion industry.

What are your thoughts on these areas of concern? Do you think leaving the EU will be beneficial to the industry at all? Comment below

Love always


Date Night | Big Easy

The clocks are going back soon, which means those cold dark winter evenings are creeping up on us. This is my favourite time of year for warm intimate date nights, and so this post is all about one of my favourite date nights from last winter at Big Easy in Covent Gardens.

As some of you will know from reading previous blog posts, I have a date night list full of ideas and places for us. Last year we decided on Big Easy for one of our winter date nights, we had this amazing lobster at Sea Palace in Amsterdam and so we was adamant we wanted lobster again.

I booked our table online in advance, and I’m so glad we did because the place was so busy and there was queues going on forever to get in. We decided on the fresh lobster meal deal for main, this includes a 1 pound lobster with chips and a salad with a free brew, glass of Prosecco or slushie cocktail all for £20. We both had the slushie cocktails with our main, however I did wish I had chosen a glass of Prosecco instead as the cocktail slushie wasn’t much like a cocktail at all. We also shared the grand appetiser for 2 which was a huge dish of voodoo wings, pit smoked bar bq wings, bar bq chopped rib tips, tenders hush puppies, calamari, deep friend jumbo shrimp.

The food was absolutely unreal, and was so filling. The service was incredible considering how busy it was, and the waiters made sure that we were happy with our food and was enjoying our experience at Big Easy. I would definitely recommend Big Easy over Burger & Lobster for those of you that want to try somewhere with good lobster. But the best seafood place of them all is definitely Fat Crab, so add those two to your own date night list’s.

If you guys have any date night suggestions please comment below. And please have a great weekend!

Love Always


Netflix & Chill | Age of Adelaine

This week’s Netflix and Chill post isn’t a new film but it is one of my favourites, and after recently watching ‘A Simple Favour’ not long ago, I was reminded of ‘Age of Adaline’ and we decided to share it with you.

A terrible car accident with a powerful bolt of lightening equals to an unexplainable scientific happening, which is the immortal life Adaline Bowman. After coming to terms that she no longer ages, Adaline creates a whole new life for herself every 10 years in order to keep her secret safe. Until one day she crosses paths with Michiel Huisman who plays Ellis, and after keeping him at arms length for long enough, she decides to risk it all in the name of love.

I really thoroughly enjoyed this film, however I do feel like Blake Lively really does carry the story, and perhaps with another cast this wouldn’t have been as successful. The more I watch Blake Lively I am not only in awe of her beauty, but her ability as an actress to bring her character to life so well. I think she has really grown and has built on her talent strength to strength. However Lively is still massively underrated, despite her incredible leading roles in ‘The Shallows’ and ‘A Simple Favour’, hopefully she will start to be recognised as more than just her character on ‘Gossip Girl’.

We rate this a 7 out of 10.

Luckily for you guys this one is on Netflix, so you don’t have to go searching online to watch it. Leave a comment below to let me know what you guys thought of the film.

Love Always

Damian & Adel