Netflix & Chill |All I See Is You

You guys voted for a film this week, and here it is. This weeks film for our Netflix & Chill post is ‘All I see is you’ starring Blake Lively who plays Gina. I am currently loving Blake Lively after seeing her in ‘a simple favour’ last week.

Gina’s relationship with her husband slowly takes the turn for the worst when she regains her sight after life changing eye surgery. After being haunted for years by the accident that made her blind, now that she can see again Gina’s newfound independence leaves her husband feeling threatened.

We rate this a 7 out of 10. We love how well they tackled the way in which viewers could experience Gina’s blindness. The performance of Blake lively once again is very strong  and compelling.

This film is still up on Netflix, so if you have it you can watch it on there.

Now we’re writing about this film, I really want to watch it again tonight. What are you guys going to be watching tonight? Comment below

Love Always

Damian & Adel

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