Netflix & Chill | Peaky Blinders

For this weeks post we decided to let you guys in on our family favourite series. Last December I discovered the BBC one series – The Peaky Blinders and managed to get my family hooked on it. We couldn’t watch an episode without each other, and we ended up watching all 4 seasons in about 4 weeks.

For those of you that haven’t heard of it, Peaky Blinders is set in 1919 Britain in the aftermath of the Great War, where returning soldiers and criminals are both fighting for survival. The Peaky Blinders is most powerful gang in Birmingham, run by war hero Thomas Shelby along with his family. Inspector Chester Campbell is trying to rid Britain of its crime, while Tommy has other ideas. Peaky Blinders is a compelling series with an incredible soundtrack, and some brilliant acting from Cillian Murphy, Tom Hardy and the rest of the cast.

We rate it a solid 10 out of 10.

3 seasons of Peaky Blinders can be found on Netflix, and season 5 is to be released next year. Who else can’t wait for season 5?

Love Always

Damian & Adel

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