General | Getting into a routine

It’s been 5months now since I started my blog, and it has taken me a while to get the hang of it. I feel like I’m now at the stage where I know what you guys enjoy reading and which posts you all benefit from the most, and I have now managed to sit down properly and put together a weekly post plan. It is easy for life to take control over you sometimes, but I don’t want my blog to suffer as a result and so I have put this plan together to make sure I stay consistent and organised.

With my big move in just over a week, and me starting uni in just under a month I wanted to get into a routine of posting, and so I have committed  to 3 posts a week, every week. I will be going back to doing my ‘Fashion Weekly Wishlist’s’ every Wednesday, my ‘Netflix & Chill’ posts every Friday and then either a travel, beauty, fashion or food post every Sunday.

I will continue my polls on Instagram to keep updated with what you guys want to read, and I’m excited to continue this journey with you all.

Love Always


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