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I’m someone who really struggled to drink water, I have a real sweet tooth and so the taste of water wasn’t very exciting for me, however my body was screaming out for it.

My body was dehydrated, my skin was dry and my face was breaking out very badly from all the other drinks I would have instead of water.Now I drink nothing but water, I have come across people who are exactly like how I used to be and really want to drink water but struggle to. And that’s why I decided to do a blog post to share my 3 tips to slowly build up your water intake.

Adding a straw

This was the first trick I used in order to get any water in my system. I’m always drinking through a straw, however I never thought to use a straw when drinking water. Whenever I drink with a straw I find I always finish my drinks a lot quicker, and so I thought that if I drank water with a straw I would probably get a lot more in my system without realising it. And it really did work, with in a matter of weeks I got into a habit of drinking water and eventually preferred drinking water to some fizzy drinks.

Adding a minimum

My second tip is something that helped me for when I wanted to drink water but was struggling to fit in 2 litres or more a day. Putting together a time table for each day that included a minimum amount of water I had to drink by a certain time really helped me, and is now something I do without even thinking about it. My time table is made to fit around my personal lifestyle and so each day I make sure to drink half a litre every 3 hours from 8am – 8pm.

Adding flavour

Drinking water can get boring and sometimes we need that extra bit of flavour, so every now and then I add fruit to my water to change things up. Adding fruit not only gives your water flavour but has benefits to your body also. For fat burning and digestion adding lemon, mint and lime to your water helps and for hydration just swap the mint for cucumber. Or just for a good detox adding grapefruit, ginger or strawberries to lemon and lime with mint can really benefit you.

Since increasing my water intake I have not only noticed a physical difference in my skin and body but a difference mentally and emotionally. My health has improved and overall mood is a lot my positive.

I hope this helps a few of you, thanks again for reading.

Love always


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