Netflix & Chill| A New Category

I am happy to announce that I will be adding a ‘Netflix & Chill’ category to my blog, in which I will be doing mini posts on films and series I have watched and that I think you guys would enjoy. Everyone knows I am the plug when it comes to movies and series mainly thanks to my dad, my brother and my boyfriend who pick all the best movies, I really can’t take all the credit, and so I thought why not add this to my blog. It can be a struggle to have consistent blog posts for each category, especially as I have no upcoming travel plans for the rest of this year and may not always have content for beauty related things, but with this new category that will definitely change. You will all have some thing to look forward to on a Friday night now.

This is the first category my boyfriend and I will be doing together, so we’re both very excited. Every Sunday we will be doing a poll on my Instagram to find out what you guys want for the week, whether it’s a film or a series, romance or comedy, horror or thriller, and then we will do a post every Friday just in time for the weekend. The post will include a brief description on what the film/series is about, a rating out of 5 and a link of where you can watch it. It will be a mixture of both old and new films/series, and despite the category being called ‘Netflix & Chill’ it won’t all be from Netflix.

I hope you are all just as excited as we are

Love always


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