Date Night | Our Date Night Jar

I have followed @filledwithloveuk on Instagram for absolutely ages, and I have always loved their thoughtful date night jars. They have such a range for both couples and families and the ideas are great. My boyfriend and I can be very indecisive when it comes to date night, and so we decided to make our own date night jar inspired by the filled with love ones. The jar and coloured sticks we bought from Hobbycraft, then we put our date ideas into categories and colour coded them to match the sticks.


Red – More expensive

Orange – Special treats

Yellow – Days out

Green – Dinner dates

Blue – Stay in

Purple – £30 and under











More expensive includes date ideas such as ‘book a holiday’ and ‘a restaurant crawl’. Special treats includes dates such as ‘a spa day’ and ‘relive your first date’. For days out we chose ideas like ‘go to the zoo’, ‘go to Harry Potter world’ and ‘go for a picnic’. When it came to dinner dates we chose a range of restaurants that varied in price, location and type of food. Our choices included Melis in Milton Keynes, STK in London and Sheesh in Chigwell. We wanted to be creative with our staying in date ideas and so we chose ‘bake cookies and make milkshakes night’, ‘face masks, fondue and films’ and ‘a no technology night’. Lastly our £30 and under category included ideas such as ‘Top golf’ and ‘going to a museum’.

So far we have picked out a green dinner date stick for Fat Crab, a yellow day out stick for the zoo and two purple £30 and under sticks, one for the cinema and another for top golf.

I wonder what our next date night will entail.

Love Always


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