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I always get a lot of DM’s from people about Amsterdam, but after adding to the travel section in my Instagram highlights with my Amsterdam photos from my last trip, I received even more questions. This post is to answer as many of those questions as I can for you all, as well as a little insight into my adventures in Amsterdam.

Firstly, I love Amsterdam, it’s one of my favourite places on this Earth. Last October I went to Amsterdam for the first time with my boyfriend. We stayed in an apartment in Kerkstraat, which was quite a walk from where all the main food places and coffee shops are. Our apartment was absolutely insane, it was so beautiful and so spacious. And I would definitely go back and stay there again. For those of you who don’t really like to walk a lot I would advise to stay somewhere closer to the the Amsterdam Centraal station as all the main spots are around this area, and it means less walking.

We stayed for 3 days and managed to do quite a lot, I would say 3-4 days is the perfect amount of time to spend in Amsterdam. As soon as we got off the train we went to Prix D’ami which was recommended by a lot of our friends, and was the first coffee shop we saw. The vibe in there is very chilled, they serve food and drinks there and was one of our favourite spots. We then went on to grab some chips from Mannekenpis, the best chip place in the world which I highly recommend you all try when you go to Amsterdam. We then went on to see the sex museum, and more coffee shops before having dinner at Sea palace. This is the best Chinese restaurant in Amsterdam and it floats on the canal. It has such authentic delicious food, incredible service and staff, and the pricing is really good. It wasn’t far from the red light district and so we had a little stroll through on our way back to the apartment.

On our second day we went to Mook pancakes for breakfast. I can honestly say I’ve never had pancakes like it, they were insane. The vibe there is also very chilled, the decor is amazing and the staff are so lovely. We attempted Anne Frank’s house but the queue was ridiculous as we didn’t get tickets before hand. Instead of queuing for hours we decided to make the most of our time there and so we went to more coffee shops, went for lunch and then headed back to our apartment for some chill time before going out for dinner. On our way back to the apartment we stopped off at our favourite shop Jammin’ to grab our snacks for the evening. Let me tell you now, Jammin’ is THE SPOT, they have the best snacks ever. When I’m rich and I have my own place, I want a snack room identical to the Jammin’ shop. Anyway, we decided on Hard Rock Cafe for dinner, the service was just as amazing as the cocktails, and we were seated right by the window with the view of the canal which was beautiful.

Our plans for the third day included going to the A’DAM lookout, however the weather had other ideas. Instead we decided to just have a chilled day before our flight home and just adventure around Amsterdam. Our favourite coffee shop of this trip was The Coffeeshop, and our favourite food place was Sea Palace 100%. We also loved the McDonald’s and Burger King over there, it all seemed to look a lot more appetising and tasted so much better than in England.

I then took my sister to Amsterdam this March for her birthday, and we had an absolutely amazing time. We did a lot of the same things as I wanted to show my sister around, and take her to all the best places, although we did stay somewhere new. We stayed in a hotel directly next to the Amsterdam Centraal station called the NH collection Amsterdam Barbizon Palace, and it was so lovely. It was perfect for us as it was so cold and we didn’t want to walk very far, and it was so perfectly located. This time round I managed to try a few new places for food, and managed to visit the prostitution museum this time as well. However once again I left the Anne Frank tickets too late and it was sold out for the time whilst we was there. I would say our favourite coffee shop of this trip was Prix d’ami, and our favourite food stop was definitely Mook Pancakes.

My tips for Amsterdam would be

  1. Try to stay somewhere very close to the Amsterdam Centraal station.
  2. Book Anne Frank tickets in advance if you would like to go there.
  3. Walk walk walk and just see how beautiful Amsterdam is, but do watch out for cyclists.
  4. Definitely visit the red lighting district, you will never see anything like it in your life.
  5. 100% go to the Jammin’ shop

I hope this post helps a few of you, and you all have a good week.

Love always



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