Food | Ways To Water

I’m someone who really struggled to drink water, I have a real sweet tooth and so the taste of water wasn’t very exciting for me, however my body was screaming out for it.

My body was dehydrated, my skin was dry and my face was breaking out very badly from all the other drinks I would have instead of water.Now I drink nothing but water, I have come across people who are exactly like how I used to be and really want to drink water but struggle to. And that’s why I decided to do a blog post to share my 3 tips to slowly build up your water intake.

Adding a straw

This was the first trick I used in order to get any water in my system. I’m always drinking through a straw, however I never thought to use a straw when drinking water. Whenever I drink with a straw I find I always finish my drinks a lot quicker, and so I thought that if I drank water with a straw I would probably get a lot more in my system without realising it. And it really did work, with in a matter of weeks I got into a habit of drinking water and eventually preferred drinking water to some fizzy drinks.

Adding a minimum

My second tip is something that helped me for when I wanted to drink water but was struggling to fit in 2 litres or more a day. Putting together a time table for each day that included a minimum amount of water I had to drink by a certain time really helped me, and is now something I do without even thinking about it. My time table is made to fit around my personal lifestyle and so each day I make sure to drink half a litre every 3 hours from 8am – 8pm.

Adding flavour

Drinking water can get boring and sometimes we need that extra bit of flavour, so every now and then I add fruit to my water to change things up. Adding fruit not only gives your water flavour but has benefits to your body also. For fat burning and digestion adding lemon, mint and lime to your water helps and for hydration just swap the mint for cucumber. Or just for a good detox adding grapefruit, ginger or strawberries to lemon and lime with mint can really benefit you.

Since increasing my water intake I have not only noticed a physical difference in my skin and body but a difference mentally and emotionally. My health has improved and overall mood is a lot my positive.

I hope this helps a few of you, thanks again for reading.

Love always


Netflix & Chill| A New Category

I am happy to announce that I will be adding a ‘Netflix & Chill’ category to my blog, in which I will be doing mini posts on films and series I have watched and that I think you guys would enjoy. Everyone knows I am the plug when it comes to movies and series mainly thanks to my dad, my brother and my boyfriend who pick all the best movies, I really can’t take all the credit, and so I thought why not add this to my blog. It can be a struggle to have consistent blog posts for each category, especially as I have no upcoming travel plans for the rest of this year and may not always have content for beauty related things, but with this new category that will definitely change. You will all have some thing to look forward to on a Friday night now.

This is the first category my boyfriend and I will be doing together, so we’re both very excited. Every Sunday we will be doing a poll on my Instagram to find out what you guys want for the week, whether it’s a film or a series, romance or comedy, horror or thriller, and then we will do a post every Friday just in time for the weekend. The post will include a brief description on what the film/series is about, a rating out of 5 and a link of where you can watch it. It will be a mixture of both old and new films/series, and despite the category being called ‘Netflix & Chill’ it won’t all be from Netflix.

I hope you are all just as excited as we are

Love always


Fashion | SLNGHR Pop up

This post is long overdue, I know. I was suppose to do a SLNGHR haul vlog, however I haven’t bought my Mac yet and so all the content I have filmed won’t be edited or uploaded for a while. So in the mean time I thought I would do a blog post on it and you guys also requested this on my Instagram poll this evening, so here it is.

On June 2nd, my boyfriend and I attended the SLNGHR Pop-up Sample Sale in Shoreditch. It was my first time ever attending a SLNGHR event, or a fashion event at all tbh, and it didn’t disappoint. We arrived super early as we had a family celebration we had to be at in the afternoon, and so luckily enough I managed to get my hands on everything I wanted.

First I bought the white bodysuit to pair up with the blood red velvet striped joggers. This was the outfit I was coming to get. I’ve wanted it for so long, but I had always been unsure of sizing as I’m not one specific size in clothing anymore. In the end I got a size small in the bodysuit and a medium in the joggers, just for the extra length when I wear heels with them.

And then I went back for more and bought the Leopard print bedtime shirt and beechwood luxury lounge top. Along with the Fader Mien broke hoodie and broke tee in black. The two Fader Mien pieces I have basically lived in since buying them, they are perfectly oversized and just go with everything. I will definitely be buying more when the new pieces drop.

Josh and Anna were so helpful, not only to me but to all their customers. They assisted with styling, helped pick outfits and advised with sizing and fittings too. They really are amazing, and so were all the guys and girls helping out. It was so nice to be somewhere and everyone be so happy and helpful, and it really was a great start to our weekend. Next Pop Up shop you will catch me there 100%.

On our way back to the car we popped to Shoreditch Boxpark to grab something to eat, we decided to try something new and went to Black Bear Burgers. Honestly they were the best burgers we had ever had, and we’ve eaten at a lot of places. Would definitely recommend if you’re ever in Shoreditch.

I hope you’ve all had a lovely weekend and enjoyed the World Cup final, I can’t believe its all over already.

Love Always


P.s I will be posting photos on the gram with me in my new SLNGHR pieces as I do have a few special occasions coming up, so keep an eye out.

Date Night | Our Date Night Jar

I have followed @filledwithloveuk on Instagram for absolutely ages, and I have always loved their thoughtful date night jars. They have such a range for both couples and families and the ideas are great. My boyfriend and I can be very indecisive when it comes to date night, and so we decided to make our own date night jar inspired by the filled with love ones. The jar and coloured sticks we bought from Hobbycraft, then we put our date ideas into categories and colour coded them to match the sticks.


Red – More expensive

Orange – Special treats

Yellow – Days out

Green – Dinner dates

Blue – Stay in

Purple – £30 and under











More expensive includes date ideas such as ‘book a holiday’ and ‘a restaurant crawl’. Special treats includes dates such as ‘a spa day’ and ‘relive your first date’. For days out we chose ideas like ‘go to the zoo’, ‘go to Harry Potter world’ and ‘go for a picnic’. When it came to dinner dates we chose a range of restaurants that varied in price, location and type of food. Our choices included Melis in Milton Keynes, STK in London and Sheesh in Chigwell. We wanted to be creative with our staying in date ideas and so we chose ‘bake cookies and make milkshakes night’, ‘face masks, fondue and films’ and ‘a no technology night’. Lastly our £30 and under category included ideas such as ‘Top golf’ and ‘going to a museum’.

So far we have picked out a green dinner date stick for Fat Crab, a yellow day out stick for the zoo and two purple £30 and under sticks, one for the cinema and another for top golf.

I wonder what our next date night will entail.

Love Always


Beauty | I Won A Giveaway

Two weeks ago I entered a giveaway that @naomigenes was doing on Instagram, and lucky for me I won it. I was over the moon to win my first ever giveaway, and the bits I won were so lovely. The giveaway included a Coco berry coffee scrub by Bean Body, a Happiness Planner from The Paper Parlour and The Superhero shadow palette from IT Cosmetics, and all in all would total up to £70.

At first when I saw the planner in the photo for the giveaway I assumed it was just a general notepad with empty pages on the inside, but when I received it and actually looked inside, this became my favourite part of the giveaway. The happiness planner is an undated 100-day calendar, it is 100 days of positivity, mindfulness, gratitude, and self-development. The planner includes daily reflections, weekly reflections, inspirations quotes, positivity exercises and positive affirmations. I can’t wait to start using it, it’s one of the best ideas and I would recommend everyone to have one. The Paper Parlour do a large range planners, there’s two more I want to get myself.


The Coco Berry Coffee scrub is what I was most excited about, I’ve wanted to try it for absolutely ages but I have never got round to ordering it. The scrub is amazing for stretch marks, cellulite and in general just dry and rough skin. The caffeine in the scrub stimulates your blood flow and helps reduce the appearance of cellulite, eczema, stretch marks, age spots, and psoriasis. The Demerara Sugar and Himalayan Salt exfoliate your skin, removing dead skin, acne, whiteheads, blackheads, breakouts & other skin blemishes, whilst the Coconut oil hydrates & moisturise your skin. And lastly the Cocoa & Vitamin E are high in antioxidants which nourish & protect the skin, promoting cell repair & rejuvenation. I am still yet to try it, I’ve been so busy lately and want to save it for one of my pampering evenings so I can really enjoy it and use it properly.


Lastly the Superhero palette by IT cosmetics is amazing. I’ve never tried anything for IT cosmetics and was very excited to try out a new make up brand. The shadows are very creamy and are smooth on the skin. The palette contains 3 eye foundations, 3 nudes, 3 neutral shades and 3 liners. I will be doing a blog post on the make up looks I create using it.

I will be doing a giveaway of my own very soon, so keep a look out on my Instagram. But for now I hope you’re all having a great start to the week and are enjoying the beautiful weather.

Love always


Travel | Amsterdam Adventures

I always get a lot of DM’s from people about Amsterdam, but after adding to the travel section in my Instagram highlights with my Amsterdam photos from my last trip, I received even more questions. This post is to answer as many of those questions as I can for you all, as well as a little insight into my adventures in Amsterdam.

Firstly, I love Amsterdam, it’s one of my favourite places on this Earth. Last October I went to Amsterdam for the first time with my boyfriend. We stayed in an apartment in Kerkstraat, which was quite a walk from where all the main food places and coffee shops are. Our apartment was absolutely insane, it was so beautiful and so spacious. And I would definitely go back and stay there again. For those of you who don’t really like to walk a lot I would advise to stay somewhere closer to the the Amsterdam Centraal station as all the main spots are around this area, and it means less walking.

We stayed for 3 days and managed to do quite a lot, I would say 3-4 days is the perfect amount of time to spend in Amsterdam. As soon as we got off the train we went to Prix D’ami which was recommended by a lot of our friends, and was the first coffee shop we saw. The vibe in there is very chilled, they serve food and drinks there and was one of our favourite spots. We then went on to grab some chips from Mannekenpis, the best chip place in the world which I highly recommend you all try when you go to Amsterdam. We then went on to see the sex museum, and more coffee shops before having dinner at Sea palace. This is the best Chinese restaurant in Amsterdam and it floats on the canal. It has such authentic delicious food, incredible service and staff, and the pricing is really good. It wasn’t far from the red light district and so we had a little stroll through on our way back to the apartment.

On our second day we went to Mook pancakes for breakfast. I can honestly say I’ve never had pancakes like it, they were insane. The vibe there is also very chilled, the decor is amazing and the staff are so lovely. We attempted Anne Frank’s house but the queue was ridiculous as we didn’t get tickets before hand. Instead of queuing for hours we decided to make the most of our time there and so we went to more coffee shops, went for lunch and then headed back to our apartment for some chill time before going out for dinner. On our way back to the apartment we stopped off at our favourite shop Jammin’ to grab our snacks for the evening. Let me tell you now, Jammin’ is THE SPOT, they have the best snacks ever. When I’m rich and I have my own place, I want a snack room identical to the Jammin’ shop. Anyway, we decided on Hard Rock Cafe for dinner, the service was just as amazing as the cocktails, and we were seated right by the window with the view of the canal which was beautiful.

Our plans for the third day included going to the A’DAM lookout, however the weather had other ideas. Instead we decided to just have a chilled day before our flight home and just adventure around Amsterdam. Our favourite coffee shop of this trip was The Coffeeshop, and our favourite food place was Sea Palace 100%. We also loved the McDonald’s and Burger King over there, it all seemed to look a lot more appetising and tasted so much better than in England.

I then took my sister to Amsterdam this March for her birthday, and we had an absolutely amazing time. We did a lot of the same things as I wanted to show my sister around, and take her to all the best places, although we did stay somewhere new. We stayed in a hotel directly next to the Amsterdam Centraal station called the NH collection Amsterdam Barbizon Palace, and it was so lovely. It was perfect for us as it was so cold and we didn’t want to walk very far, and it was so perfectly located. This time round I managed to try a few new places for food, and managed to visit the prostitution museum this time as well. However once again I left the Anne Frank tickets too late and it was sold out for the time whilst we was there. I would say our favourite coffee shop of this trip was Prix d’ami, and our favourite food stop was definitely Mook Pancakes.

My tips for Amsterdam would be

  1. Try to stay somewhere very close to the Amsterdam Centraal station.
  2. Book Anne Frank tickets in advance if you would like to go there.
  3. Walk walk walk and just see how beautiful Amsterdam is, but do watch out for cyclists.
  4. Definitely visit the red lighting district, you will never see anything like it in your life.
  5. 100% go to the Jammin’ shop

I hope this post helps a few of you, and you all have a good week.

Love always