Date Night | Getting My Tiger Woods On

As an early birthday treat, last Wednesday my boyfriend took us to Milton Keynes to try out their new indoor Mr Mulligan’s Lost World adventure golf course. I got a lot of people asking questions on where it was and what it was like and so I decided to do a blog post for everyone interested.

As we decided to go in the week and during work hours we were able to receive this special deal that they are currently offering. The deal includes unlimited games on their courses and a meal in their restaurant for £10.99 (which I thought was insane until we got to the restaurant). The restaurant was quite disappointing. Now don’t get me wrong I wasn’t expecting TGI standards, especially because it was basically a free meal in the deal but I did expect our food to come out at a similar time and for us to be able to enjoy our drinks with our meal. Before I even saw my pizza being made, we had finished my boyfriends whole meal and I no longer wanted it. However the staff was amazing and really made up for it and it was basically a free meal after all.

The courses were so much fun and we had a lot of laughs, even if I did lose. They have two different courses that take around 30mins to an hour to complete, lucky for us it was lovely and quiet because of the time we went and so we got through the courses in a good amount of time. One course is an under water theme and the second one is more of an on land creature theme, both very creative and well put together.

Overall it was such a lovely day, and I had such a great time. It’s the perfect day out for everyone – couples, families or friends.

I hope you all have a great weekend.

Love always



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