Date Night | Sun, Sandwiches and Safari

So last weekend our date night turned into a date day, and with the beautiful weather we decided to go to Woburn Safari. My boyfriend and I absolutely love the zoo, but had never been to a Safari before and after driving through Woburn a few weeks ago we decided to add it to our date list for when the weather got a bit nicer. I got a lot of questions on Snapchat about where we was, and what the Safari was like and so I thought why not do a little blog post on it.

So we bought our tickets online on Saturday morning. I had someone ask if you could only get them online and if you had to pay in advance and the answer is no, you don’t need to book in advance and you can get tickets both online and at the gate and the prices are the same from what I discovered once we got there. After printing off the tickets I put together a little picnic for us and then we set off at around 12:30.

We arrived just before 13:30, there wasn’t a queue at all to get in and so we managed to drive straight through, which was great. You first go through the Road Safari, it’s best to go in a car that isn’t a soft top convertible, and this is where you can drive through the animal enclosures and get up, close and personal. The Road Safari allows you to go into the enclosures of the wolves, bears, lions and monkeys, as well as drive past the enclosures for the rhinos, zebras and giraffes. As you can see from the photos we managed to get very up close and personal and we loved every minute of it. I would say the Lions and Monkeys were my absolute favourite, every time I’ve been to the zoo the lions are normally far away and fast asleep, and so to be so close and to see them walking around was just insane. The monkeys were just so much fun, them jumping on our car and licking the window really made my day.


After you finish the road Safari you have the foot Safari, which isn’t as great but is still good. It’s very small, and there isn’t many animals to see, which I found disappointing after all the excitement of the road Safari. We bought tickets for the Sea Lion show which was very cute, and there was a lovely 3D movie to watch at the end of it.

And overall I would say Woburn Safari is a great day out and one of the best Zoo’s I’ve been to. They have a great programme everyday for you to really make the most of your time there and really get to know the animals there, and I can’t wait for summer so I can take my nieces and nephew there.

I hope you all have a productive week, and I pray the lovely weather comes back.

Love always


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