Travel | Birthday Celebrations In Rome

I can honestly say I don’t know where to start with this trip, from landing to leaving the whole experience was amazing. My boyfriend and I decided in January that we wanted to go somewhere to celebrate his 21st birthday, our options had included Paris, Rome and Greece. Rome was somewhere we’d both really wanted to go, close friends of mine had already been before and said how amazing and romantic it was and so we began doing our research and looking at hotels and flights. We flew with Easyjet and booked the Vatican Style hotel though

We landed in Rome Fiumicino, which was a 50 minute coach ride from our hotel in Vatican city. Luckily we had done our research and discovered that coach was the cheapest and easiest way to travel from the airport. The coach to Vatican city was 6 euros each, compared to the 45 euros that taxi’s were charging, and the coach stop was very easy to find. The coach dropped us in the centre of Vatican city, which was only a 7min walk from our hotel, and the whole experience was hassle free.

Arriving at our hotel was so exciting, I couldn’t wait to put the bags away, freshen up and start exploring Rome. The hotel from the outside looked nothing like I expected, this wasn’t bad at all but was a surprise, however the room was everything I imagined and more. The hotel went all out for my boyfriend’s birthday in decorating it, the room was the perfect size, was very clean and was identical to the photos on, which is always a bonus. The staff were so friendly and helpful, they really couldn’t do more for us. And with the bags dropped off, the adventures began.

Once in the centre of Rome, taxi’s aren’t as expensive and so we mostly got around either walking or by taxi’s. Our first stop was the Colosseum, but before conquering our inner Gladiator, we made a stop for food. We stopped at Angelino ai Fori dal 1947 for lunch,  we couldn’t wait to get a taste of Italy. The restaurant was down the road from the Colosseum with beautiful surrounding views, the dining was outside which the weather was perfect for, and there was so much on the menu I wanted to order. On top of this the service was incredible, the staff was so friendly and the food was unbelievable. I ordered the Fettuccine pasta in clam sauce, and my boyfriend ordered the mushroom and butter risotto both with a glass of prosecco. Both of these I would highly recommend.

Next was the Colosseum, we ended up paying for skip the line tickets with a guided tour as I hadn’t done my tourist attraction research very well. The tour was incredible, our guide was very informative and she kept it very fun. However, at some points we did end up sneaking off to get a few pictures, as the tour didn’t stop at all for pictures and we both love our photos. It was so incredible to stand somewhere with so much history and so many stories to tell, and by the end of the tour I couldn’t wait to watch Gladiator. The tour did take up a lot of time and so by the time we had got out of the Colosseum it was time to head back to the hotel and get ready for the birthday dinner.

After having a mini photo shoot in the hotel, and having a few pre-drinks whilst we got ready, we headed to Momo republic to start the birthday celebrations. Everything at Momo’s from the beautiful garden and the delicious food, to the incredible service made the evening so perfect. There really isn’t a place I’ve ever experienced like Momo Republic, I would definitely return when I next visit Rome.

For our second, and sadly last full day in Rome we went all out. We visited 5 beautiful chapels as well as the Pantheon and the Altar of the Fatherland, we made a wish at the Fontana di Trevi, ate our bodies weight in gelato and went back to Angelino ai Fori dal 1947 restaurant for more. The chapels were so beautiful, and really moved us, it was an experience I cannot really put into words but it was so special. We also went to St Peter’s Basilica, and attempted to get into the Sistine Chapel however once again my tourist attraction research and planning failed me (something to learn from for our next trip), and the ticket office was closed.

Overall I can say this was a really special trip, and was one I thoroughly enjoyed beginning to end. I think the length of time we was there was absolutely perfect, as we managed to do everything on our bucket list and more. And I cannot wait for our next adventure.


And here are some of my Rome top tips

  1. Walking will save you a lot of money, google map where you want to go and just enjoy the scenery and the weather and take a romantic stroll around the city.
  2. Don’t go all that way to eat your normal food, Italian food is incredible and I promise you will love it all.
  3. You must at least visit the Colosseum, at least one chapel, the Pantheon and Fontana di Trevi

Thanks for reading

Love always




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